Price difference for Comandante C40 manual coffee grinder

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I have been looking to purchase a Comandante C40 MK4 Nitro Blade Manual Coffee Grinder and I noticed a difference between the prices given in the YouTube presentations and demonstrations and the prices I found on Amazon.

I then checked the first prices I found searching for the same model but using Google in Europe.
The first company the I opened was located in Paris, France, named ( cafe belleville) and the prices was significantly less expensive than here in the states.

I understand it is made in Germany, so import duties and shipping could be an additional cost.
Yet,there are large VAT taxes added onto the prices listed for the items for sale in Europe.
The price in Paris was 249.00 EUROS and the price on AMAZON is, DRUM-ROLL-PLEASE...............
.......$ 444.00. I for one, will not spend that abnormal increase in price for this grinder.

I hope that someone here will figure a source that can be a better price for all.
Also, the is an Australian company that is developing a variable motor and stand for this terrific grinder. I think It's perfect idea for this grinder and has a ultra slow speed from 1-3 revolutions a second. I hope in their new model might have slightly more sophisticated design to keep the motor, stand and grinder free from areas that will be a problem cleaning. I will be writing them tomorrow about my concerns.

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About $310USD from Canada, e.g.,* ... ndante+c40

Mark3's are on clear out as well ...

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Shakespeare wrote:...I noticed a difference between the prices given in the YouTube presentations and demonstrations and the prices I found on Amazon.
From time-to-time, I've seen ridiculously high prices on Amazon for fairly pedestrian products. Apparently some products have "automated pricing" that algorithmically determines the price based on supply/demand. For example, I was looking for a product that was being rebranded, so the "old" product was suddenly scarce; Amazon priced it at more than 10x the original (I passed).

I don't know if this applies in your case, but it's worth knowing if you shop Amazon.
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Doubleshot Coffee has the Comandante C40 Mk4 for $325 and ships from within the US.

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I have been checking other retail venues other than Amazon, I used that store to give some understanding of what's going on.. I am a prime member and I haven't found only one other time of this artificial price hike due to demand...real or not...I'm not sure. I had seen. Amazon really doesn't like major retail companies trying to take advantage of their customers due to demand, Covid , or other fake or real demand.
It always true that there is some unscrupulous "small" retailers , you'll find on EBay and Amazon and overpricing their items and finding a customer they have duped.
Even on their own website, Comandante, won't sell their new models... only the older ones.
I found a couple of web stores that were much cheaper but sold out. Even as low as $275.00.
I finally found one called specialtyturkishcoffee and their price is excellent at an average of $319.00 for a new model
They will only allow one to a customer.

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I think that most everyone had them for $50 off just before or for Black Friday ($325-$50=$275) so most places sold out ...

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Here is a wonderful electric Motor and stand for the Comandante coffee grinder.

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STC has them in stock: ... e-grinder/
They're a direct importer and have typically had competitive pricing in the US. It's been a while and I don't remember if Comandante had MAP or not.

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^^^ Right, I can recommend STC. Good service. When the MK4 came out in August, I bought one from them. I got it for $299, but I think it was a pricing mistake on their part since that's what the MK3s seem to go for.
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