Pre-2015 EK43 burrs dial in very coarse with pour over

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I'm curious if anyone else can speak to this, not an issue really just an observation. I got a hold of a set of pre-2015 burrs, which still look and feel like they have a good amount of life left on them. I was shocked to find that pourovers using a kalita have been dialing in at just before the coarsest setting on the grinder. 10-11 on the original dial. I use Passenger Coffee almost exclusively. I used a refractometer for the first couple weeks to get a handle on what was happening. At a 15:1 ratio, I'm finding coffees are tasting good at around 1.55-1.60% TDS.

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience with the original burrs. Coffees are tasting good. Lots of clarity and a bit less body than I was expecting, which is why I am doing 15:1. I find it interesting that the majority of coffees are tasting good at the same grind setting except for ethiopian coffees, which tend to extract alot easier and I go completely to the coarsest setting for those.

Anywho, just curious to get any feedback. Also, I would be interested to know if titus brew burrs show any of the same behaviors.

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With my EK43S and Titus burr carrier (slower auger feed) and SSP Brew burrs bought from Titus early (SSP have tweaked them lately) I am grinding for pourover in the 8-9 range on the old 1-11 dial. Perhaps I could go straight down for a big brew of darker roast but in general 12/200g brew around 8 and 24-30/400-500g brew around 9.

If you have faster auger feed that doesn't prebreak the beans as much, a little higher speed (120V has higher RPM than 230V) it might change things a little.

If it taste great I wouldn't worry too much. It could maybe indicate worn burrs generating more fines, I really don't know Pre 2015 as I haven't tried them.

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Thanks for weighing in. I am curious how the Titus burr carrier would affect this. I aligned the fixed burr, but haven't done too much to the rotating burr.

I guess I am just puzzled / learning something new, because the way this burr acts would not add up to a tasty cup of coffee in my previous thinking.

Compared to a Ditting 804 with peak burrs at a similar extraction, the EK43 produces 14% more particles coarser than 595 microns, and 4% less particles finer than 210 microns. These numbers are from limited testing and probably could be more refined.

So, the peak burr produces more particles spread out in the midrange of particle sizes and more fines since it is breaking up the beans more. The pre-2015 burr seems to produce a very tight band of coarse particles and a tight band of fines, which somehow adds up to a decently high extraction for how coarse the particles are.

It's just a bit out of the box of my previous thinking.