Pour is all of a sudden super FAST (Niche Zero)

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Without changing the setting on my Niche grinder, and with the same beans, 30g of espresso now jets out of my Rocket Giotto R58 in a mere 7 seconds. Only yesterday, it took around 25+ seconds to extract 30g of coffee from 17g of beans.

The niche is set to a tad over 15, and the beans are pretty dark roasted. Moving the dial to 20 did slow down the pour some, but not significantly so.

So I'm thinking it's the Niche, but I really don't want to send it to Ireland for service. :D

Anybody have some suggestions?


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1) Make sure your machine is dispensing hot water through the GH

2) Use a blind basket and see if pressure will rise with that

3) If yes, grind super fine and see if it will choke the machine

4) If yes, then grind coarser as needed to get back to desired shot time.

Setting the Niche from 15-20 should increase the flow because an increase in numbers will grind coarser. You need to turn it clockwise to "screw it in" You'll eventually get a point where you can't go any more. That's where your calibration point should be. Back off of there. Try grinding at like 5 or 8 to choke the machine.

Might not hurt to weigh out how much of ground coffee you're getting back to make sure that you're chute isn't clogged or anything.

Report back!
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I had that happen, all of sudden, on some really dark espresso beans.. on my Sette 270. I only had it happen on those beans. Not sure what it was.. My theory (based on zero knowledge) is that the beans became too brittle and/or I tamped to hard and the pressure just blasted thru. But once my beans got to this state, I had gushers every time.. I found them too bitter and so I just threw them out and haven't had an issue since :)

I'm pretty sure the Niche is fine (do the grinds look bad?).. Try some medium roasted beans.. maybe do some careful distribution and tamp with less pressure.