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fjen wrote:I ordered the identical one off TaoBao for around $100 a few days ago. It's with my shipping forwarder now, and will drop a mini review when I get it.

At worst, it's $100 for a paperweight, which I can live with. At best, it's a highly unimodal ghost burr hand grinder which will supplement my espresso bar for when I want filter coffee.

For me, the point of this is to be purely filter focused - I wouldn't touch espresso with this with a ten foot pole.

Ghost burr hand grinder

This recent HB topic spurred my initial look into it, together with Sprometheus' recent video.
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Just purchased one as well. I think this is my first outright superfluous purchase considering it'll be a third hand grinder, but it seems unusual enough to warrant at least a try!

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Just got in my ghost burr version this morning. Super well built, very hefty. Came with a nice set of accessories (blower, two brushes, extra grip handle).

The grinds coming out of it are extremely consistent at a coarse grind level compared to my seasoned (60+lbs?) Niche Zero. When brewed at on a V60, I barely see any fines which often cling to the sides of the filter after a swirl. instead, the paper filter is nearly clean.

Still working on dialing things in, but everything has been extremely promising out of the box. Also not seeing much retention as I grind at a 45 degree angle. I also like to do some swirls of the handle as beans clear the chamber, both to act as a high-RPM spin you would find in something like the Lagom P100 but also just to ensure everything has cleared. Found very minimal retention if any doing it that way.

More detailed thoughts to come as I live/brew with it. A bit heavy but I appreciate the morning workout I suppose.

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I'll add my contribution,
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Mine came with the flat burrs and I'm left fairly unimpressed. For context: the Ditting KR804 with 83mm flat Boyt lattice burrs is a bit of a benchmark for me. I get a real sweet spot in acidity with them that's on the higher side but not too extreme. I like weird filter brews and borderline offensive espresso made with every type of single-o light to medium roast bean from every growing region through whatever process. The coffee I tried with the grinder is a pretty tame washed Kenyan bean that I get a lot of fruit, golden syrup, etc. from.

Anyway these hand grinders are fun to play with! This Potu thing is wickedly fast at filter grind for me with the pre breaker likely helping there. The taste for a light roast Kenyan Switch brew (brewed like a V60) with Abaca papers at 1:16 sits somewhere weird between a 50mm consumer grinder like a Eureka or Macap M2 and a typical (dare I say Comandante-style) manual conical grinder. Fruit juice and some mud and chocolate. Will likely sell it after making a few more filter coffees with it.

Espresso I am not a fan of on hand grinders but again, this thing does (sort of) make it easier with the pre breaker. The resulting brew (elongated lever profile on a slayer modded BDB) was good and reminded me almost exactly of consumer 50mm flat burr grinders (funny that!). Slightly muddy but still better for light roasts than a conical (IMO).

Honestly the speed of grinding would make this thing fun for travelling. As it is, I probably wouldn't take it over my Comandante or ZP6. The fact that it weighs 3.7kg probably doesn't help there either.

Finally, some things that aren't so great. The finish is strange and I have my doubts about the grinder's food safety if you care about that stuff. I typically don't, but that's not great. The lid sits inside the top of the chamber and rubs the edges as you grind. Particulate does come off. The threads on the catch cup are rough, and again, the particulate does come off. The more I look at the word "particulate," the weirder it gets.

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Seems neat. Probably wont be $100 for much longer with all the press that is being pushed about them.

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My Potu flat burr, "version B" with the dial on the body, arrived yesterday.

I come from a Timemore C2, I mostly do Aeropress and cold brew and I'm no pro or expert by any means, I bought this as an upgrade\alternative to the C2, which produces quite a bit of fines even after all the realignements etc.

I bought from aliexp for around 140 usd including shipping and duties, in my case Taobao would have required an agent with more things potentially going wrong, no buyers protection, risk of paying custom duties etc.

Anyways I'm still dialing it and I noticed it produces no fines at all, I haven't noticed any issue with the finish or "particulate" coming off (mine is grey); instead the things that put me off were:

it needed a shake every now and then or the beans will stop feeding into the burr, probably the pre breaker thing and\or my lack of experience with flat burrs;

I grind vertically on a flat surface to maximize consistency and I noticed that the ring on top can be lifted slightly and that while you do that beans will stop feeding, probably the pre breaker thing again?

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Wouldn't it make sense to hold the grinder at a 45 degree angle to help the grinds exit the burrs? Even if you fluctuate say +-10 degrees as a result it probably won't matter a lot.

Seems like there are significant differences between Potu and CafeSing on the other hand.

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This does intrigue me, but only with the ghost burrs. I think the screw on cup will bother me.

Can you use a drill with it, like with the 1zpresso grinders?

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Jonk wrote:Seems like there are significant differences between Potu and CafeSing on the other hand.
Yes and no, in a sense. There are two versions of the Potu hand grinder, one with the dial in the middle and one with the dial on the top. The one with the dial on the top (as I have) is near identical to the CafeSing hand grinder from everything I could see, except that it only comes with one burr set. The one with the dial on the body though, seems to be marginally different in construction. I had an opportunity to chat with the sellers on TaoBao and they noted that really the fundamental difference is the location of the dial. The burrset and specifications are identical between the two.

I would definitely say that tilting the grinder does not have (and really should not have) that much of an impact in consistency... The main thing you're adjusting is the feed rate, but at the RPMs we can reasonably spin the grinder, it makes a null impact.