Portafilter sizes for Baratza Sette 270W and 270.

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Postby FirstBetta » Jun 13, 2016, 4:07 pm

Since I got a new topic suggestion the last time I posted to the Sette thread I'll just start a new topic about the PF size accommodation on the Sette. I asked Baratza if the there would be a problem with a Dream T PF (53mm) In the Sette 270 W. I inadvertently deleted the reply but it was as I can best remember "The sette will handle PF's from 50mm to 58mm." No mention of an adapter.

If I have overstepped my authority please fix it.

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Postby primacoffee » Jun 14, 2016, 4:16 pm

Here are the fork specs as we've measured them, with the caveat that our Sette 270 is a pre-production model and things may change:

The empty space between the primary forks measures 49 mm. The peak-to-peak width of the forks is 60 mm. There's about 30 mm between the bend of the center fork and top of the primary forks (the bends in the primary forks and the center fork are slightly offset, with the center fork falling about 5 mm behind the others). The distance between the bend of the center fork and the center of the spout is about 33 mm.

We haven't tested a huge variety of portafilters, but the 49 mm La Pavoni portafilter we used would not sit properly on the forks, all the 58 mm portafilters would, but some spouted portafilters wouldn't fit under the center fork properly because of their overall height (namely the newer model LM portafilters).
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