Porlex Version II?

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#1: Post by Valo_Soul »

I've just seen there's a new, version two of the Porlex Mini and Tall hand grinders. I know these are not incredibly high end, but many people enjoy them vs some of the less expensive Hario hand grinders and such. I have the original Tall, with the slotted handle (the second version of the handle). The new grinder claims a whole host of improvements in every sense.

Has anyone seen or used the new versions? Impressions? I don't even know when they came out. I'm looking for something decent and not wildly expensive for my girlfriend to get into V60's at home.



#2: Post by Jonk »

The improvements seem fairly minor, especially compared to a metal burr.

These days there are better options at the same or even lower price point. I'd rather try something like https://www.amazon.com/XEOLEO-grinder-P ... 07MX7MM1L/


#3: Post by Valo_Soul » replying to Jonk »

Thanks for bringing that XEOLEO to my attention. It looks shockingly well made for the price. Unfortunately it doesn't ship to Canada, and isn't available on Amazon.ca , as is typical. Bummer :(