Please Help! OE Pharos adjustment collar issues.

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So my pharos adjustment collar's thread wore out about half a year ago. First thought it was the bolt's threads, but after swapping in a new one, it became apparent that it wasn't the bolt that was the issue. I searched on the orphan espresso site for a replacement collar. I couldn't find the right one. They had the pharos 1.0 ones and ones for the 2015 model. I am not sure if the 2015 model is the pharos 2.0. Because of this I emailed them and got no response. I have sent so many emails regarding this and have had absolutely no replies at all. It has been greatly disappointing to get such "customer service". Anyway after being ignored for months I decided to get the one that most closely resembles the pharos 2.0 (the 2015 one) and wished for the best. It just came in and it's slightly different. It has no spike to indicate the setting set.

So my question is does anyone know if the 2015 adjustment collar is the right one (this one: ... _p_77.html )

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which Pharos do you have? That collar to which you linked is the 2015 model only (it seems)

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As stated on the website, the split collar with pointer is not available any more.

If the 2015 split collar threads onto your Pharos' shaft, then you've got the right one.
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Where does it say the one with the pointer is not available anymore?

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The page for the 2.0 Pharos has status as out-of-stock. There is a page for OE making 30 of what they call Pharos 2.0-ish, and that states they have no more collars with pointers. I bought a 2.0-ish to replace/supplement my 1.0