Please chip in your method/recipe/advice: SSP Titus EK43S

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Hello guys,
This is a very talked-about theme: EK43 as an espresso grinder. The main variations here: it's modified by Frank with SSP Silver Knight coating, sickly aligned of course and the new Titus chamber. This is no conversation about stock burrs (either old or new), which I believe already takes out the conversation about EKspresso, etc.

After reading quite some posts about the use of this grinder for espresso, my conclusion was that a very well-aligned EK with SSP Burrs would be a very good espresso grinder. Frank already warned me that making espresso with this grinder would be time-consuming and challenging, but it could also be satisfying once "mastered", but I recon thought it would be a bit easier.

I own a GS3 MP (quite new also, bought along with the EK) and the usual bunch of stuff coffee aficionados buy in order to look for a good extraction (precision baskets, big step tamper, distributor, etc). I also have a Niche Zero, which is what I am using when I'm lazy and I just want a good shot of espresso without fighting much. It sounds a bit stupid, but yeah, I have a 4K grinder and I'm using the Niche when I want reliability. I can't bear it. To give you a bit more info, I mostly use medium roasted coffees, usually single origins from Gardelli Specialty Coffees. Water is Thirdwave Water espresso recipe.

So, in order to try to make this topic a bit straight forward, I would encourage you to please just chip in what you do in order to get good, consistent espresso out of the EK. Just chip in your method/recipe and-or advice. The advice that I consider the best for me (and makes me prepare a bit better espresso), will receive a couple of good coffee bags I love and if in Europe, also a good Cuban Cigar (if you are into that, it's my other passion) / Not sure if this goes against any forum policy, pls let me know if so.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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I have an EK43s Titus on order from Frank. I'll chime in once I've had some experience with it. I will be using a Linea Mini with a 0.6mm gicleur together with this grinder.


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Use 1:3 brew ratio. 10 sec. Preinfusion and 35 - 40 sec. Brew time.
I've found EK43 to be the easiest grinder to dial in for different kind of brewing methods. Only little bit of fine tuning to find the best result.


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Thanks man I appreciate it. At 1:3 I should get more extraction in the look for sweetness, at the expense of less body and risk of over extraction? Have never had a 1:3 but will definitely try your recipe tomorrow.


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Would you be open to posting your experience?
Possibly the coffee used, and if you are really up for taking one for science, also pull a 1:2 beside it and share your thoughts on the taste differences?
LMWDP #583


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Definitely will do this week!
Going to make a video of it!


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I use mostly the Sweet Shop blend from Square Mile Roasters. Right now I'm between 18 and 19g in at around .8 on the EK, out of 16 total, burrs calibrated for the zero point to be just off touching.

I do about 15 seconds of preinfusion on the BDB and aim for around 40g. I think I might need to coarsen the grind - shots are taking ~45 seconds.