Pietro by Fiorenzato - vertical flat-burr manual grinders

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#1: Post by boren »

58mm burrs with multipurpose and filter-specific options
Lots of colors and finish options
No info on pricing

I just hope it's more practical to use than the other flat-burr manual grinder that's currently available, the OE Apex.


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#2: Post by malling »

Well really this is actually true flat and not ghost, the OE isn't really a real flat burr grinder

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#3: Post by buckersss »

Very neat. Wonder if it'll take 58mm SSPs. Looks like it may be a bit hard to stabilize though, I can't seem to see where your other hand grips the grinder.

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#4: Post by Miltonedgebert »

This is really interesting. I've been considering making something like this, but I have too many projects already.
I'm really considering pre ordering if the price is at all reasonable.

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#5: Post by LewBK »

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#6: Post by marcism »

Unless the grinding is very smooth and the silicon base is incredibly sticky, I can definitely see it slipping out from under the user for some particularly hard beans.

I'm probably wrong if they've done thorough testing, but it just doesn't seem that practical. Perhaps a bigger base similar to the HG1?

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#7: Post by another_jim »

First Mazzer and then Fiorenzato. Old line Italian grinder companies are making hand grinders; Doug really started something.
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#8: Post by nameisjoey »

another_jim wrote:...Doug really started something.
Seriously. He's pushed hand grinding market forward exponentially.

This grinder looks interesting but I can't imagine it works well for espresso??

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#9: Post by ojt »

Super interesting, I might send them an email for more details. They're about 1 hour drive from me too so I could pay a visit :)

Apart from the usual alignment I'm wondering about how would the grind adjustment work. I was under the impression that adjusting flat burrs is somehow more finicky than that of conical burrs, and that the burrs should be turning while adjusting.

I would've liked some SSP options from the 64mm range (MP and cast steel) but again I wonder if the burr geometry here is different because of the very low RPM.

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#10: Post by malling replying to ojt »

Only if you have beans on top in SD isn't really that necessary, several cannot also not run while adjusting.

Probably it is, also cranking even larger burrs will definitely make it harder, also I wonder if that low RPM is good. Normal we are 600-1400rpm you simply ain't going to crank that out.