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I also received mine with probrew burrs... haven't brewed much on it yet but I got a decent brew but definitely clarity isn't lacking, I'll do some cupping and compare with some other burrs but so far it look promising.

Definitely the nicest hand grinder I ever used on some aspects, actually nice with the heft as it feels solid and robust and not a dinky toy, it's one of the most pleasant to grind very light roast filter with, it beat most of the conical hand grinders I used for filter with only some top end being equal or better, the reason is the modest force required to spin in on many others you can definitely feel the dense beans but you can't here the downside is of course a bit longer grinding time, but it dos "stop" from time too time. Espresso is another matter, with few beans I initially didn't find it that bad, but after a whole dose later it was awful experience not something I wanna bother with not within a base, the reason isn't as much the cranking but the force required to get it to stay put as well as the extended grinding time.

Grinding espresso is possible with probrew burrs, at 1.0 and my shot was still to fine.

The lid is yeah I don't know how to put it an afterthought it should have been magnetic because they current version hardly pass as acceptable. The handle seem like a compromise and is a bit too short and thin, the length of the arm no complaints but handle I would prefer something bigger more ergonomically designed.

The grinder dos move with light roast even at filter, it's not bad but holding it down or holding it like fishing It's pleasant enough not delightful but good enough and it is what it is, light roast is probably never gonna be that. With a base It will be more pleasant then any other hand grinder I don't really doubt that.

I really like the adjustment far the best of any handgrinder, but I guess it's a personal preference. The access to burr is easy enough once you done it a few times and as anticipated it's fast and far superior solution to everything else on the market, it's actually a bit of a revolution and you don't loose your calibration. This is imho one of the big selling points of this I must say I like what they done especially as this is first iteration.

I know some complaints over the catchcup but it's robust, magnetic and I actually think it works fine it certainly beat the Ode :lol: but perhaps the fact I always use a dosing ring on my pf is why I might not find it awful, I'm sure a perfect fit for 58mm is more pleasent but for how I do it I don't really care.


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I grinded a bit coarser for my hand brew today, it had a good clarity, the acidity well balanced the body is definitely on the more fragile/delicate front and it definitely dos bring more higher notes to the front. Without having it next to MP I do think the cup profile resembles that out from memory, but take it with massive caveats.

It's definitely less sweet, less complex and has noticeable less body then the 64mm Cast with same coffee and same recipe (altered slightly to best performance)


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malling wrote:I know some complaints over the catchcup but it's robust, magnetic and I actually think it works fine it certainly beat the Ode
I don't get the complaints about the Ode's cup. I rarely use the fins - just pour on the other side - but sometimes they're handy. A thin dusting of fines (0.01g?) doesn't bother me. It doesn't look clean but..

Pietro's cup felt pretty awkward due to the ridges that are not as easily avoided. It's a minor complaint but probably the worst design detail IMO.


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The ode catch cup is just way to wide to be practical for many brewers and using it as intended is a faff, as coffee tend to get caught around the wings, is people exaggerating how bad it is? sure, still don't change it's one of the worst designs out there. pietro is way better as it's not overly wide and if you pour through the side with the hole for the handle it works fairly well, is it amazing design? no, but it for sure is less annoying then the Ode and at least the grinds don't stick inside more then should be expected... You might find other carch cup with more ideal shape but several are prone to grinds getting stuck, I had other hand grinders that was by far worse. Also some of the raved ones is easily knocked off so these just introduce other annoyances, this don't just knock or fall off, there is as always trade off of that.

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I've had an Ode since the KS units first shipped. If I'm pouring in a filter, I pour with the fins up and then there are no fins, if I'm pouring into a portafilter I pour with the fins down and tap an the bottom of the cup and all the coffee ends up in the portafilter. I don't understand all the ragging on the Ode cup. It works exactly as designed and use that way, there are no problems.


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I have no issues with the Odes catch cup, I don't use the sides with the fins. I agree the fins are more annoying than helpful but I just use the side without them, easy fix. Making an issue about the Odes catch cup seems pretty petty. I just wish the power cord was retractable or could be hidden under the grinder.


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Use it in combination with a smaller brewer and you might have another view. I sometimes use some narrower one cup brewer and the cup is simply to wide to pour into from the other side, so you have to use the fins side and it's just annoying faff hitting and shaking to get the grinds out. There simply ain't a rational reason for the catch cup to be this wide, making less wide would not just entirely eliminate the issue it would eliminate the wings as they are only there because it's too wide a design for narrower brewers.

If one has the view it silly to complain over the Ode Catch cup then doing exactly that with the pietro can't help come out as a bit as double standards.


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I don't see anyone complaining about the the Pietro catch cup?


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I wasn't necessarily referring to in here, there has been some rather negative remarks regarding the catch cup other places... I found some of them to be wildly exaggerating the problem and contradictory one both wrote the stance to small to give a stable platform and later complaining over that it didn't fit a 58mm pf. not realising to do so would in fact have meant an even smaller base :roll:


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Received mine 3 days ago with Pro Brew burrs. Compared it with my Bunn G1 with redspeed SSP burrs.

Anyone in the local NYC area want to pick up a Bunnzilla? LOL

But seriously, this grinder kicks my Bunnzilla's butt. Less fines, more unimodal, higher clarity and sweetness. The differences are subtle, but come on, a friggin' handgrinder at least on par with a Bunnzilla?

Turning the handle is easier than my Lido 2 even with light roast Sey coffees, only slightly slower and no more awkward overall than grinding on my Lido 2.

The hopper lid is honestly not as bad as people say, I'm not sure what the fuss is about. The catch cup is fine too. Maybe my opinion will change with more usage.

Overall, honestly worth the money to me.


Should mention that I only brew filter coffee.