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#71: Post by ira »

The current prototype base worked fine with the catch cup detached but it also tightly grips the catch cup so it's quite awkward to empty.


#72: Post by malling »

It's a prototype though and like all prototypes there might be several iterations before a final is settled on.

Also it's not an easy solution what you might find desirable on go is not desirable home and vice versa.

For it to work better in that you can extend the main body with a hole where you can slide out a catch cup or something similar, you can magnetise it if you must. You could also follow current pattern and then make the catch cup replaceable with a base that slug into the upper part like the catch cup with additional support, then have a sliding out catch cup built into it. The latter would not scratch the body and would mean a need to make much additional redesign and would make it more versatile.

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#73: Post by ira »

There was literally nothing wrong with the current base that enlarging the area where the catch cup goes would not fix. If you could just lift up the grinder+base assembly and just pull out the catch cup it would be perfect.


#74: Post by malling replying to ira »

My last solution would not alter the design it would just be a replacement part for the catch cup, but would make for a more expensive base as an additional purchase, but it would make for a better workflow as you would not need to remove the base from the grinder housing as the catch cup slide into the base, you would still have the current catch cup when slimming down to replace with the base.

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#75: Post by ira »

If they fixed the base I saw, you would not have to remove it to remove the catch cup. Have you seen the current prototype base?

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#76: Post by buckersss »

mborkow wrote:Sounds like Lance didn't love it for espresso as much as he does for other preparations. I don't think I'll be ordering one.
Is that in lances review video? I'll have to rematch it. I think I just skimmed it


#77: Post by malling »

ira wrote:If they fixed the base I saw, you would not have to remove it to remove the catch cup. Have you seen the current prototype base?
The catch cup need to be removed from the grinding chamber as it's fundamentally standing on it, this will always make the routine less ideal to what I'm suggesting, you would also be pouring with the entire catch cup and base combo if you don't take it out of the base.


#78: Post by Mirazur »

Do you guys think that stability issues arise only when grinding espresso range?


#79: Post by Jonk »

No, but I think it's exaggerated. It works OK as is. Would it be nice to use a big stable countertop or even wall-mounted version? Sure! I imagine gearing it up like on the Apex, coupled with a large crank arm or wheel would do wonders for espresso grinding too. But the designers opted for something fairly portable - and for that purpose (even if it's only to a drawer or shelf in your own home) it's a good design. At least for filter grinding with the pro burrs..


#80: Post by malling »

A larger crank would also result in a much taller and heavier grinder, meaning it would definitely be entirely counter top grinder and then we can just as well go all in with bigger burr, gear reduction...

I think this strike a decent balance and it seem to have gotten a good start making a much larger version would have reduce the appeal to the broader market.