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Has anyone found a good carry case with foam for this grinder yet? I've been looking at Amazon and it looks like there are several decent options. Wanted to check and see if anyone else has found the 'perfect fit yet' to transform this into the ultimate travel grinder. Thanks!


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I wanted to add to this thread that I received my Pietro 2 weeks ago (Pro Brewing Burrs). I have made numerous coffees with it and I want to make my own claim that this is by far without a doubt the best filter coffee I have ever had in my life. My K Plus and Ode v2 don't come anywhere near the clarity and depth of flavor (and juiciness) of the cups; what's more, there are zero downsides. Whether light or dark roasts, these burrs present the coffee beautifully with a perfect balance of mouthfeel and clarity (leaning towards the clarity).

The grinder is beautiful and well built; the mechanism to open the grinder 1 handed to clean the burrs is brilliant and intuitive. There are only 2 downsides to this grinder:

1. It takes a long time to grind. 60 seconds per cup (12-15g) for me. That's higher than other reports so as my burrs season I suspect that will come down closer to 45 seconds for 20g (Lance's claim).

2. It is a bit awkward, which is amplified because it's a long grind time. The base, I think, will complete this grinder. I have reached out for an update on the base and it is still planned to be released 'soon.'

The above 2 issues do not overshadow the beauty visually and in the cup of this grinder. It is phenomenal and feels like cheating; I feel like I have access for the first time ever to a big flat unimodal brew experience: ULF EG-1; 98mm Brewing, etc. all in a small package I'm taking back and forth to work.

I'm no professional; but everything the reviews say about this grinder is accurate. If you want the best cup of coffee you can have but don't want to invest the money or space on a big flat designed for this, then the Pietro was made for you. It's perfect for 1-2 cups at a time where you want maximum flavor out of your bean.

PS: The brew burrs grind plenty fine for espresso because the alignment on this grinder is 'near' perfect. At the finest setting I choked my Bianca; thanks to flow control I was able to do a 30-40 second 'bloom' and then get spro out after about 90 seconds that tasted fantastic. Once I get the base, I will use this for high clarity espresso when I desire. It can do much more than 'turbo' shot espresso.


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Yeah pretty much inline with what I have found.

If you still have Kplus it would be interesting to see what you think of pre grinding at most coarse setting (nibs) then running through the Pietro.

Ive been doing it with ZP6, seems to enhance some coffees and not others, but I haven't really gone to great length to discern the difference except a couple of blind cuppings. Certainly makes grinding dense light roasts much easier / quicker especially for spro.


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Interesting; I do have my K Plus and I'll have to give it a try. Actually, I bought Pietro planning on getting rid of the K Plus. But I have a fondness for the K Plus as well, both visually, build quality, and in the cup. It provides a different cup than the Pietro and it is much lighter and portable so I've decided to keep it.


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For travel if seize weight is a challenge I for sure would have a backup hand grinder

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I agree with what's just been said. Just before the summer i bought a ZP6. I was looking for something to give me a clean and delicate profile as something different to go alongside my Bentwood. It was clean and delicate but i found it lacked enough intensity of flavour. I played around with recipes to address this and had some good cups but not quite what i was hoping for and mostly preferred the Bentwood. The pietro turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. Light, clean and flavorful with little effort. Now using a Next Level Pulsar. This has refined the brews from the Bentwood and bought them closer together but I feel the Pietro Pulsar combination is producing the best brews i have ever had. Oh and i love the way it's so easy to clean regularly.
Can't wait for the stand.
Looking forward to trying some espresso now too


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The Pietro is the first smaller burr grinder that has not made me longing for my old EK43 in the cup performance.

All others being ssp cast, MP/UM and all the different hand grinders really just let me longing for more. Although those where good, neither was really all up to what l got used to from the different 98mm and 80mm burrs. This is definitely the closest I ever tried, now I never tried the sculpture 078, but it sounds lots like it's closer to the lab sweet and ZP6 type of character with some added clarity rather then what this delivers and I do agree the performance is surprisingly good and doesn't fall into the more typical more one dimensional profile of smaller burrs.

It certainly killed my filter grinder upgraditits and as other notes it's extremely well aligned making it more then capable at espresso once the base is out.

It's quite the revolution on handgrinders not just because of the extraordinary cup performance but also it's so easy to dial in, use and take apart with absolutely no tools. Ergonomic is probably its biggest issue but I do think you get used too it and I'll imagine it gets improved on down the road.


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All this kind of talk has me excited, mine arrives Tuesday.


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Just received mine today, first impressions is it's built like a tank. I previously used a ~$100 hand grinder off Amazon and this is leagues above in terms of build quality. Still dialing in my cup currently on 7 with the multipurpose burrs, still way too fine.


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malling wrote:what l got used to from the different 98mm and 80mm burrs.
You think the Pietro Pro Brew would offer quality over the 80mm SSP HU burrs? Better-different/same?