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#101: Post by malling »

There definitely a lot to like, but it's also strikingly clear it's their first attempt.

I still think they should have made the hopper lid magnetic without that ugly logo on top at this price point it's a €400 grinder with the pro brew burr, this grinder cost as much as an Ode V2 and I honestly think the base should be included in the price. But hey I guess someone will make wood option eventually.

Now I got mine with Lotus water (€62) & a coffee (€10) so I got the price down to like €330 making it a bit more digestible.

But yes the cup quality is shockingly high. It definitely killed my wish for the 078s


#102: Post by AnotherADDiction »

With my situation, I am looking for the smallest, quietest grinder, to be used for pour over only. I want to be able to keep it on a shelf and bring it down to grind my 80ish grams of coffee for the next day.

Taste is my biggest concern/disire, and I am willing to go to great lengths to achieve that. I will not consider am electric grinder for quite some time, and at this point I am wondering if I should just be satisfied for the next year or so and see what the next best thing is at that time, or if the Pietro may be it now.

Currently I am using a zp6, which I like the taste, but don't care for the UX much.

The OE Apex is on my short list, despite the negatives - I have never personally tried ghost burrs but they sound good for my likes, and it certainly sounds like it may be the upgrade that I'm looking for.

Will the Pietro be an upgrade in taste over the ZP6, or is it just a definate 'different' taste, and only a possibly better taste(the conical and flat difference). Also, can it be used with a drill liker the 1zpresso?

I guess I am looking to see if the majority of people would say that yes, this grinder will produce the best tasting cup of coffee unlil you are willing to jump to an electric with big flats or the equivalent.


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Everything at the point of ZP6 is mostly just different you might say some are slightly better but we are well into the round of diminishing returns at this point.

The Pietro is about clarity, so the profile is different then that of ZP6 and 078 that several say resemble each other.

The Pietro is resembling the MP but I think it dos seem to have a small amount more sweetness and body

Here is sifted at 4 with unseasoned burr

Under 400um 11%, 400-1100um, 86,5%, over 1100um 2.5%

So it's well aligned out of the box, it doesn't say anything about actual psd, but these sort of numbers and how the boulders size I generally only see on well aligned grinders.


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I expected as much, thanks for the information. I figured that for 200 I would try the ZP6, it was cheap enough to play with (and it's a keeper). It's looking like the pietro may be in the same boat, cheap enough to test out, and it tastes good too.


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I actually consider selling my Ode with cast, as the coffee is so nice on it, I almost go on a limp and say the best I had since selling my EK... it makes absolutely banger coffee and I find it already sweeter and more nuanced then MP that had very good clarity but was just one dimensional and fragile. I just brewed one that I would never had much success with on MP... these burrs are amazing and I don't have to align it...

Fiorenzato certainly now how to make burrs they really need credits for this... it goes to show the italian manufacturer can if they put their minds into it and are kept at flames... Lance need to be permanently employed by the Italian burr makers :lol:


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It's nice that you're enthusiastic and I get that there's a stark contrast to the cast burrs, but I think it would be helpful to brew side by side with MP even if it's tempting to go by memory / experience. That's what I did (so-called MP v1) and I thought the difference was fairly minor. A proper comparison would need to be done over a prolonged period of course.


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I'm fully aware of that, why I specifically also make it obvious out from notes/memories and scores.

The problem is there to many variables, so would never bother doing it.

This is at much lower RPM, force applied is different, alignment is different, heat transfer doing grinding is different meaning basis for burr comparison is already none existent. To make burr comparisons you fundamentally need two identical grinders aligned on the dot the same kept all variables as close to each other as possible, otherwise you can't compare the burrs without comparing all other parts that make up the grinder so we would learn nothing from it.

In theory MP and Pietro pro brew might perform exactly the same under same conditions but we would never know. (Although I doubt it as one is designed for electronic grinders the other a hand grinder)

One thing is certain though I don't find this to hide the roast defects from very light roast to the degree I did with the MP. This was the main criticism I had with the MP.

I just experienced it, so it's already there an improvement, what is causing it I obviously cannot know.


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Everyone says to grind on the edge of a table but I found that incredibly awkward.

I unconsciously changed to a posture where I lean into it while holding it nearly arm's length away, holding the grinder by the top, with the grinder angled towards me maybe a third of the way.

Almost looks like a bike riding pose? Looks weird as anything I'm sure but it works.

Somehow this takes all the awkwardness out of the movement and I can grind without thinking about it while I chat or watch something else.

Probably because this way I can put a lot of my body weight onto it without having to use arm strength?

The only other way that worked for me is the LH "get in mah belly" pose.

Filter anyway, no idea how any of this works for espresso - very slowly I imagine.


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There four ways you can have it

Fishing style that Lance Shows, holding it a bit out from the body by grasping the top or as you write or near the edge on the counter top, it's going to be a personal preference. I have no daddy belly what so ever so the fishing style is mildly uncomfortable so I need to hold it out from my body to have a comfortable rotation while grinding, for me it either that or just at the edge... the latter will greatly improve once I get the stand.

Also I just did make an espresso shot at settings 1 there it's manageable, I would not say it's pleasant but manageable at longer pulls, the shot was perhaps a bit to fine for the 1:3 but it was a perfect fine shot. I think a 1:1 it would be spot on. Originally I thought I would not be able to pull normal ratio espresso on pro brew, but that certainly not the case, as 0-1.5 seem to be within espresso range.

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Just got my Pietro. Any tips on how to get the best from it? Only made 2 brews, kono 15g to 240ml, 4 pours 30 seconds apart. Tried setting 7.5 and 9. It's my standard recipe on the Bentwood. Currently using Prodicals Nguisse Nare. 7.5 to fine, 9 a bit coarse. Needs playing with but if you have a go to recipe with any dripper I would be interested to know. It's says to clean after every use. I like the way the burr comes out but I wonder if it's necessary after every brew as you need to be careful to clean it properly to make sure it seats properly? Also does it need seasoning? I have some old beans but it would not exactly be quick to put them through. Thanks for your help