Pharos - Removing Grounds (voodoodaddy mod)

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UPDATE: See Pharos: Getting voodoodaddy mod (or similar) for Will's contact information.
malling wrote:That drawer design looks allot Easier, that might be the next job for voododaddy, I'm sure he Can comeup with something fancy looking.
Ask and you shall receive!! Actually I didn't go with the drawer system, I essentially rebuild the lower half of the Pharos. No more knocking! Yea!! :)

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What, no lower adjustment?

Nice job! Looks like you've been staring at the Lido...
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voodoodaddy (original poster)

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Was it that obvious that I borrowed the LIDO's design :P


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Wow, voodoodaddy: this looks great! Video, please!!!

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Bravo Sir!!

Is this a mod that you will be selling?

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Wow ! Voodoodaddy what have you done.

That is fantastic.

I will keep my current configuration but I have to admit if I did your mod on mine I would probably never want to go back after using it.

Is that bottom bearing holder custom made or a common part.

"Is this a mod that you will be selling?" That is a good question.

Being that the grinds catch pulls out from the bottom I would not bother cutting the axle down but I imagine the trimmed axle looks better.

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Great Will! :D I knew you would crack this. The catch cup is awesome, this mod makes the Pharos hard to beat, when added to your other mods for frame rigidity and single nut grind adjustment lock with scale. Looks like a major lower body re-work to get it.

1. Middle plate drilled for bracket bolts, and bracket install.
2. Lower plate cut to allow for catch cup.
3. Catch cup.

That bracket is custom machined it appears too, wow, really nice work! 8)
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If you plan to sell a mod kit to replicate this, please PM me. Bravo, sir!

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Mod kit? Damn, I want to see an orphan-voodo collaborative effort!
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Bravo Will! I thought my Pharos #001 had seen its final pimping with your other mods, and now you come up with this! I was about to put together a review & some pics of the journey mine has taken since it first rolled of the OE production line!

Seems there is one more step in the Pharos-VoodooDaddy-pimpdom, please let me know when & if you release this mod to the public. The money is in the bank!
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