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#81: Post by spressomon »

Used the OG for morning cappas. 18gram dose of very hard Northbound Bolivia Peaberry Caranavi beans (medium-light roast level) and the OG was easy to grind; grind setting of 75 (very fine but that's what it took...). This is only the 4th dose ground through my new OG so flavor in the cup is tight/compressed but that is expected and on par with all the grinders, hand & electric, I've owned & used over the years. Looking forward to getting the burr set lapped in!
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#82: Post by wojtowip »

Can someone that received the OG grinder check something for me. I feel like I'm might be over thinking this, but when you apply downward force on the handle it causes the inner burr to move downward on my grinder. Not sure if I got a lemon or if it's just the mechanism, but my burr moves down if I press down on the adjustment wheel or press downward on the handle. It's hard to fully control force when grinding, so not sure if this impacts anything while grinding, but having the burr move around after the distance has been locked in seems very concerning to me. Asked Barb about to see if she has any input, but compared to my JE Plus, and the but is locked in and doesn't budge downward at all. I can push it up against the spring, but with grinding there is no way it will get pushed up.

It's a bit concerning that you can adjust the grinder to step less position, but it doesn't stay there.
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#83: Post by hankua »

Mine appears to have the mechanism forced down by spring pressure, as it can only be pulled upwards. I had to re-zero the settings by the manual as I twisted it around after arrival. Have you tried to re-zero the grinder yet?

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#84: Post by spressomon »

@wojtowip, no such issue with my OG. But I'm grinding some lighter roast hard beans at grinder setting 70(!) so very little vertical play between the two burrs anyway.

Have you disassembled and re-assembled per Doug & Barb's 'how to' videos on YouTube?

FWIW/FYI, the lower portion of my OG was not tight...I had to snug it up before I used it for the first time. This is the portion the catch up threads into; its the left hand thread portion...
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#85: Post by wojtowip »

Thanks for checking. Seems like the actual movement matches up with their recommendations, I'm around 370-400 for espresso and everything was tight in mine. I did try and take it apart and no luck getting rid of that "slop".

On the bright side I did get a response from Barb and will be sending the grinder back for investigation. Looking forward to learning what the issue is with mine.
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#86: Post by jbviau »

wojtowip wrote:...when you apply downward force on the handle it causes the inner burr to move downward on my grinder...
Not to belabor this point, but how much movement are we talking about here? A little video might help in case it's an issue for anyone else.
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#87: Post by Yan »

+1 short video clip it's easier to understand.. I don't have the OG so I can't imagine what is the issues but I use Lido 3 around 2 years in the past maybe too much different mechanism...

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#88: Post by wojtowip »

I tried to to get a decent shot, but not easy trying to film and show the movement.

Here is the best I was able to get:

Can't quantify it without having any measuring tools available, but visually it looks more that a 100micron step and closer to 2 steps on the grinder, or 200+ microns of movement. I'm not sure I'm qualified to know what that means in terms of grind, just that it's different from my previous experience where the but was not able to be pushed downward and was locked into the setting.
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#89: Post by GW2K »

Mine has a bit of movement when pressing down on the top nut or brass micro disc. This is from (what I'm guessing) the platform supported by the three pins on springs. While grinding, there is no way there is movement. See attached schematic.

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#90: Post by nameisjoey (original poster) »

spressomon wrote: The only little nit I have: It would be nice to have a reference point/index for the micro adjust disc. After you rotate the handle, i.e., grind beans or move the handle, the only way to know what the actual grind setting is, is to return to zero on both scales. It would be nice to more easily know what the grind setting is...
This is a strange design choice to me. Basically if you don't remember your +/- settings you're SOL and have to re-zero. That would drive me nuts.