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#71: Post by MrFrench »

Ugh I want one!!! But...my 4 year old lido et is still kicking! It travels every weekday with my flair. I love the military spec appearance of the OG. I'm kind of numb to numb to the wood and aluminum look at all things espresso.


#72: Post by GW2K »

Just received my OG. This thing feels very solid and robust. Coming from an early Lido 2 with Italmil burrs, this thing is a breeze to grind for espresso. Yes, it takes a little longer because the burrs are not as aggressive, but that's okay. Espresso was very easy to dial in (2 tries).

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#73: Post by jbviau »

Nice! Mine arrived today, but I haven't unboxed yet. Time for someone to create the requisite "owner experience" thread, no? I won't be taking the lead on that front. I've got my OG earmarked for espresso, and I hardly ever make espresso. Plus, I'm still seasoning a different new grinder.
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#74: Post by Yan »

Wow... finally someone get the OG... :D
Interestingly want to know is it better or equally with the M47 doing espresso in the cups...

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#75: Post by spressomon »

Received mine today also although I haven't put any beans through it yet. The only little nit I have: It would be nice to have a reference point/index for the micro adjust disc. After you rotate the handle, i.e., grind beans or move the handle, the only way to know what the actual grind setting is, is to return to zero on both scales. It would be nice to more easily know what the grind setting is...

But, it is a super solid hand grinder. And, I didn't see it mentioned anywhere, but the SS grind catch cup is double wall! Not sure why it is double wall. Maybe it helps reduce/eliminate static? Regardless, its a very nice grind catch cup.
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#76: Post by baldheadracing »

The lip on a single wall traps coffee. A double wall has a smooth interior wall. I've got a bunch of single and double-wall plastic jars that fit Lido's. Even though the single-wall are smaller (1" tall), I'll always use a double-wall, even though they are 2" tall.


#77: Post by wojtowip »

Got mine yesterday and started playing with it a bit. I am using a 1Zpresso JE Plus before and will have to compare. Some things I noticed and will have to play around with:
  • Seems like I'm grinding a bit finer compared to the JE to get the same flow rate and speed, though I'll spend more time comparing that soon.
  • It seems a lot slower and more work for the same dose, if the first one is true that might explain why.
  • Not a fan of the rubber handle, the ball is a lot more ergonomic.
  • The magnetic catch cup on the JE feels a lot better
  • The JE bearings are a lot smoother, IE handle will spin freely for quite a while before stopping where OG will only spin one rotation.
  • Its BIG compared to JE
  • Seems like I was able to get a better tasting shot with OG, but that was not scientific and will need to spend more time with both to compare side by side.
  • The grip is smaller diameter on OG making it easier to hold then JE
  • The sharp edges in the OG are not very ergonomic, wish they were at least given a bit of a radius so they wouldn't dig into your hand when grinding.
  • OG funnel is solid.
  • Same complaint as above adjustment knob. You have to remember the last setting in order to zero out and get to the next setting there is no way to know where you are on the micro scale once you set it.
Overall it's a solid grinder and I'm looking forward to understanding it more and getting a better comparison with the JE and Sette 270. It's solid and heavy. Seems like it will last a long time.
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#78: Post by spressomon »

The OG takes a little over 2X as long to grind as the Apollo. Much better ergonomics though overall. And about the same # of revs as my 1Z JE-Plus, but overall better ergonomics than the JE-Plus IMHO. I surmise the OG would better handle the more aggressive burr set design from the Apollo...faster grind times but less strain overall for medium and lighter roasts (medium-dark, dark roasts are easy to grind using the Apollo). 200 revs gets tedious...again JMHO.

But, I think trying to design an 'all-for-one...one for all' hand grinder isn't the right path. In the tool world, you don't have a router and tablesaw combo. Offer an espresso grinder and a pour-over grinder and, similar to what Denis is doing with his Shuriken burr set for Monolith grinders, offer a burr set for the general type of roast level. I'd much rather have a burr set that is designed for general medium roast...and only requires 75 revs.

The pursuit of perfection in a hand grinder...continues. :lol:
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#79: Post by GW2K »

Yesterday was espresso, today is pour overs. What I have noticed is when I am done grinding, and remove the catch cup I have to lay the OG on it's side. This is because the inner burr is outside of the burr module and catch cup attachment point. Unless of course, I reattach the catch cup.
That was the great thing about the counter stand for the other Lidos.

I will see if I can find some large gaskets or O-rings to fit inside my original stand to "lift" the OG from resting at the bottom

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#80: Post by jbviau »

^^^ Mitch, that's a good idea, but then again I don't think it would hurt to rest the grinder on the inner burr like that for short periods. It doesn't even compress the spring unless you press down (on mine at least).
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