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The background of the videos look like there are some interesting items ... I wonder what "Special Tape" is? :lol:

The adjustment system has the feature of being able to go from espresso to coarse and back with repeatability. That's something that I would never use, but some will want that feature.

It's also very nice to see roller bearings. I'd like to have had them on the Fixie due to their potential for tighter tolerances.

Only nit is it seems a bit counter-intuitive to me for the coarse and fine adjustments to work and move in opposite directions, but I am sure that users will adjust. The axle and brass adjuster would have needed a reverse thread for the fine adjustment to work in the same directions as the coarse adjustment, and I can just imagine how many people would strip those brass threads taking apart and putting together the grinder.

Now that I have seen how everything works in the OG, I'll be keeping the Fixie instead of upgrading to the OG. The OG is a better grinder, but I just prefer the size of the Fixie - the Fixie pairs nicely with an Elektra Micro Casa a Leva, as the Fixie's catch cup sits on top of a 49mm (nominal) basket.

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Wow, seems like a pretty sweet design. Solves a lot of the issues/complaints people had with the Lido2/3/E line and their "alignment" complaints that people had. Also the ability to move coarser for filter/brewed and then go back down for fine is really pretty genius. I love that - and so simple too. I currently use my Lido 3 for brewed and now own a Pharos for espresso. I could easily sell both and replace them with this one grinder which is enticing for sure. I don't love the pharos's ergonomics and usability but it does grind damn fast and produces quite a good syrupy shot. Plus seeing the new style dosing funnels that will match up with the stainless grounds jar seems like a great workflow. Additionally, I love the very open bottoms the Fixie and now Lido OG have compared to my lido 3. Grounds get hung up on the supports around the adjustment mechanism at times.

Overall they really seem to be consistently improving their product line and doing a good job on that. Looking forward to reading initial reviews on this!


#63: Post by Brien »

I was all set to buy a C40, until I saw this.


#64: Post by Yan »

No user experience yet...? :D


#65: Post by ryan.c12121 » replying to Yan »

Screenshot taken off their instagram on May 26th. Shipment hasn't arrived from Taiwan yet.

nameisjoey (original poster)

#66: Post by nameisjoey (original poster) »

Brien wrote:I was all set to buy a C40, until I saw this.
I think you'll get a much better build quality out of the OE grinder. Also, bigger burrs and imo a much better adjustable system.

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#67: Post by jbviau »

Listing is up! Ordered.
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#69: Post by spressomon »

Same here. Can't wait to put it through the paces!
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#70: Post by JJ420 »

Have totally over extended myself this past month and JEEEEEEEEEZ is this grinder enticing!! :twisted:

Just received a Fixie in the mail the other day and it completely exceeded my expectations on the very first try. I was worried if it could do espresso and following another member's advice, I used the fine disk along with two big shims plus one smaller and I'm pleased to say it worked like a charm! 8)
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