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#221: Post by BAEvans »

Has anyone tried it for Turkish?
I have a second grinder that I leave set up for Turkish, but then end up not drinking press because moving the grinder settings around is such a pain.


#222: Post by time8theuniverse »

I just went and tried it. It was easy to get good results. The grind was fine with only a little bit of inconsistency compared to the Pharos, which is only effects things as you get to the bottom of the cup. There wasn't much more physicality than the other settings, the Pharos just seams to take more effort to do a Turkish grind.

I have being using the Lido at my drip setting then putting the grinds in the Pharos :oops: . I feel a bit weird about it but it is so quick that way. The Lido adjustments are still easy at finer setting but not as obvious as the Pharos is to me.
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