Orphan Espresso LIDO 3 first impressions

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#1: Post by jbviau »

Now that we're out of "test" mode, I figured I'd start a new thread. Out of an abundance of respect for Dan, I decided not to call it "owner experience." Feel free to make your own threads, you all! Or join in here. The conversation will be lively either way, I'm sure.

The LIDO 3 is in stock, as of today, but last week I was impatient, so I took Chris (aka yakster) up on his offer to pick up a LIDO 3 from the SCAA show floor for me on Fri. Chris did that, and called me from the floor, and even passed the phone to Doug for a quick chat, which I definitely enjoyed--thanks! And now here I am three days later with the grinder in my hands.

My first impressions are very positive. The weight is just perfect, much lighter than the 2 in the hand. I love all of the little touches. It feels like a good deal of care went into the design, which has been tweaked in several obvious and non-obvious ways.

So far I've ground two 20-g. light-roasted doses, one at 12 notches from zero and one at 10 notches. I noticed the reduced grinding effort relative to the LIDO 2 both times. I'm actually drinking the results of session #2 right now, some Ninety Plus Kemgin brewed in the Trifecta, and it's a very good cup already. Promising start.

I'll post updates now and then to this thread as I break in the grinder along with pics, including the obligatory "three generations of LIDO" shot that I've been waiting to take.

Props to Doug & Barb for this lovely machine. The folding handle is ingenious, and the popper stopper is a welcome accessory. Speaking of, mine fits better when turned 180 degrees from the intended orientation (i.e. with the raised part pointed away from the handle) and does not fall off while grinding.
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#2: Post by beer&mathematics »

Yes! It's here! I can't wait to hear about all the little tweaks OE did...

The lido1 is the perfect weight so I'm exited to get a lido 3... probably not for a while tho
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#3: Post by samuellaw178 »

jbviau wrote: I love all of the little touches. It feels like a good deal of care went into the design, which has been tweaked in several obvious and non-obvious ways.
Same thought here!

One more thing, the L3 look really does grow on you (for me) after a while. You think it looks good now but it will grow more gorgeous after some time, I swear I'm not imagining things. :lol: Enjoy the Lido 3!

jbviau (original poster)
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#4: Post by jbviau (original poster) »

beer&mathematics wrote:The lido1 is the perfect weight...
Right, LIDO 3 marks a return to around the weight of the LIDO 1. Here's how they measured up tonight, with the caveat that I was too lazy to remove the little threaded shaft collar from the LIDO 1:

- LIDO 3: 978.1 g.
- LIDO 1 stock with glass jar: 1043.6 g.
- LIDO 1 with anti-static jar: 954.3 g.

Though the 3 and the 1 have close to the same weight, they don't *feel* the same. Even after controlling for the weight of the jars, the LIDO 1 comes across as more bottom-heavy to me.
"It's not anecdotal evidence, it's artisanal data." -Matt Yglesias

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#5: Post by Bob_McBob »

Could we get some comparison shots of all three?

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#6: Post by Shenrei »

So tempted...I mean I don't really need this, but still want :D

Like everyone else, I'm curious about the cupping quality differences between the burrs. And speed. I actually prefer the harder to turn but less revolutions to grind of the Lido 2 vs the easier to turn but more revolutions Hausgrind. Looks like the Lido 3 sits right in between?
- Tim


#7: Post by OldNuc » replying to Shenrei »

Yes, what is the turns required to grind a specified weight of beans in the Lido2 and Lido3 when the grinders are set for matching grinds. Logic would say that the easier turning grinder would require more turns.

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jbviau (original poster)
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#8: Post by jbviau (original poster) »

Chris, re: comparison shots, I have a feeling you meant the internals. This poorly lit iPhone pic of the three LIDOs on my kitchen counter will have to do for tonight (sorry):

Tim, I think it's way too early to make any meaningful comparisons of cup quality since the LIDO 3 has only had 60 g. through it so far. I'll go there eventually, but it'll take at least a week. I'll try to speed up the process by running some older beans through the 3.

Tim and Rich, concerning speed, I can give you a first little data point. Please keep in mind that I haven't done a drawdown test yet to match grinds. I'm just eyeballing, but my eyes are pretty used to this by now, so I think it's close. For this comparison, I used two 20.5-g. doses of La Cabra's Shembati (Burundi).

- LIDO 2 (set at 17 notches from zero, i.e. one full turn + 1 notch): 62 turns, 21 sec.
- LIDO 3 (set at 10 notches from zero): 77 turns, 29 sec.

Notice that I'm a good deal "lower" in the adjustment range with the 3 relative to the 2 for what seems like the same grind. As happened with the 2, I expect the number of turns required with the 3 at this setting to go down over time.
"It's not anecdotal evidence, it's artisanal data." -Matt Yglesias

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#9: Post by Shenrei »

Interesting! That is very good news. Not so much difference in the amount of turns it looks like :)
- Tim

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#10: Post by yakster »

Doug was saying that the espresso range starts off right away from zero where the Lido 2 needs three or more notches from zero to get to the espresso range.

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