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#21: Post by yakster »

I can shave off even more weight using my 25 gram capacity Dove Men+Care container over the anti-static jar, 25 grams versus about 109 grams and it's easier to carry the 18 grams of ground coffee and my brew mug into the kitchen.

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jbviau (original poster)
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#22: Post by jbviau (original poster) »

Thanks, guys, for posting your thoughts.
JavaMD wrote:Just a quick note ... was over at a friends house whose grinder went out while we were messing with his lever espresso machine.
Had My Lido 3 in the car that I got from Doug at the SCAA and put it two notches off full choke ... great crema and grind quality ... shot was very nice.
Not what I'll use it for but good to see the quality is there if needed.
Steve, how was the effort level required at 2 notches from zero? I haven't gone that low yet.

I used my LIDO 3 to grind for a cup of Spyhouse's Jipat (Ethiopia) last night and definitely enjoyed the results. I'm way behind on breaking in this grinder due to work and other obligations this week--I've only put 60 g. through it! Time to play catch-up.
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#23: Post by baldheadracing »

yakster wrote:You're starting to make a case for a folding handle upgrade to my Lido 2, being that I travel with it and could shave almost 300 grams off the weigh of the grinder and I've already picked up the plastic catch cup.
I hope that the Lido3 folding handle is made available. 300 grams!!
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#24: Post by Exordium01 »

Mine gets delivered today. I'm pretty excited.


#25: Post by EspressoForge » replying to Exordium01 »

My LIDO 3 just arrived! I think many people must be getting theirs soon as well.

My initial impressions (since that's the title of the thread and all!), keeping in mind I'm planning to use mine mostly only for espresso:
  • It's large! I haven't seen in person the LIDO 1 or 2, but for some reason in pictures it looks smaller.
  • In the hand, the larger size is quite nice and feels good.
  • At 2 ticks or less from zero, I get a decent burr rub on one side. I may still try grinding just at the edge of this, but I would guess around 2 from "zero" would be my realistic minimum.
  • Set my grind to 2.2 or so, and loaded up 16g of a light roasted Ethiopian. Effort required was decent, but nothing like the Pharos. HG1 is easier with the same beans. I'm guessing with a dark roast it would go like butter, or maybe it will become easier as the burrs break in. I didn't time or check how many turns, but I'm guessing it took me around a minute to minute and a half to finish grinding.
So at that grind, I went with a bit shorter of a pre-infusion not knowing exactly how the grind would be. It turned out to be a very good bottomless pour, so I would say it's very close to the range. Next shot later today I'll try to tighten up a bit into the burr rubbing slightly and see how it comes out.

All-in-all, I'm excited. For the price, convenience and performance I think the LIDO 3 delivers. And now I have the perfect travel espresso kit that fits in my work bag. Funny enough it comes at a time when I'm going into the office less and less. :)


#26: Post by Exordium01 »

My burrs scrape until 8 notches from 0, and even after that, there is some stick in the shaft. I wonder if the shaft in mine is bent...


#27: Post by rittem1 » replying to Exordium01 »

did you try an alignment? a bent shaft would be a surprise

I see you have a Pharos so an alignment should be right up your alley...
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#28: Post by jbviau (original poster) »

Exordium01 wrote:My burrs scrape until 8 notches from 0, and even after that, there is some stick in the shaft. I wonder if the shaft in mine is bent...
Anticlimax?! Sorry. I'd contact OE, to begin with.

Have you tried the very fine end of the range? The reason I ask is that today I was exploring the finer side and got some burr rub between 6 and 2 notches from zero. It's the sort of rub that would stop the shaft/handle from spinning freely but that I could crank through [slowly] without much worry. However, at 2 and 1 notches from zero everything was perfect, i.e. free spinning with no rub whatsoever. Man, that was some talc-like coffee coming out toward the end there, and it was fairly easy to crank, too! I find this interesting and will no doubt take a closer look at the burrs at some point to try to get a better understanding of why I get that little rub zone, but in practice it won't affect me much since I plan to use the LIDO 3 for relatively coarser grinding in the vicinity of 10 notches from zero.
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#29: Post by day »

Are these mass produced in a chinese factory? If not given real careful attention by someone who is being told to get it right rather than get it fast, it may be in ones best interest to do an alignment oneself? Just a thought

Edit: as I was looking up this old thread the man himself posted. LIDO 3 test
Page 4 and 5 samuellaw comments on those same points.
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#30: Post by samuellaw178 »

Great to see more reports on the finer end grinding.

From my experience, the inner burr has some tiny movement, so it's almost expected that you get burr 'rub' near zero occasionally. Also you will notice, depends on how you handle the Lido 3, you will get the burr rubbing some time, and not at the other time (on the same grind setting). The more accurate indication of burr rub would be the moment after you finish grinding immediately.

Another thing, don't worry about grinding near 'zero'. OE's zero refers to the point when the burrs start rubbing. However, I find that changes a lot and I prefer burr binding as a point of reference (my zero) - meaning close the burrs all the way in lightly, until the inner and outer burrs restrict the movement. For what it's worth, I'm grinding at 1.75 notch from burr binding (it's still breaking in I presume, about ~400g espresso through). At 1.5 notch from burr binding I don't get any burr rub so there is more headspace for finer grind. For reference, my factory zero(blue line) was about 2.5 notch from burr binding (or -2.5 on the 16 notches scale).

However, for Zac's case, misalignment may have happened, the shaft should not stick. It may happen due to accidentally knocking part of the adjustment ring. In case you're tapping the metal adjustment ring to get rid of the retention, don't. Either try RDT, or loosen the jar a tiny bit and knock the bottom of the jar instead at the adjustment ring.

The best thing is to contact OE since it's new, or better yet you could give the alignment video a try (which I did). I assume that wouldn't void any warranty since the alignment procedure is direct from the manufacturer (OE) themselves. Doug mentioned they will do exactly what they did in the video even if you send it back, unless it's not an alignment issue. Hopefully you'll get some grinding done soon.