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#11: Post by justie »

Sounds sweet man. I am really interested in that foldable handle design. Wonder if it would be available as a retrofit part in the future. That would make my Lido 2 perfect I think haha

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Oh, I hadn't thought of that possibility. So the color mismatch wouldn't bother you? When I get home from work, I'll remove the LIDO 3's handle assembly and try attaching it to the shaft on the 2. My suspicion is that they're interchangeable.
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#13: Post by justie »

The mismatched colour would be abit annoying but I'll be getting an anti static jar anyway so it won't look too awful I think. That and the additional practicality that u get is well worth it I think

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#14: Post by jbviau (original poster) »

So the handles are, indeed, interchangeable. I don't know whether or not OE would consider selling the 3's handle separately and/or in a different color as an accessory for 2 users.

The 3's handle is 287 g. lighter (187.1 g. vs. 474.1 g. for the 2's handle)!
"It's not anecdotal evidence, it's artisanal data." -Matt Yglesias


#15: Post by jpender »

They are very beautiful, both of them.


#16: Post by day »

So does that mean that the actual weight comparison is

Lido 2 with glass and handle approx 1,600 g

Lido 3 stock approx 1,000g (1,052 according to OEhandgrinders.com)

Glass vs anti= 100g

Handle 2 vs handle 3=approx 300 g

so a lido 2 with antistatic and handle 3 would only be 150-200g heavier than Lido 3?
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#17: Post by jbviau (original poster) »

Brian, you're on target pretty much. Here's what I just measured:

- LIDO 2 stock: 1599.6 g.
- LIDO 2 with plastic jar: 1507.6 g.
- LIDO 2 with plastic jar and the 3's folding handle: 1220.6 g.
- LIDO 3: 978.2 g.

The weight for the LIDO 3 above is *without* the popper stopper, which by itself weighs 68.5 g.

Ok, back to grinding...
"It's not anecdotal evidence, it's artisanal data." -Matt Yglesias

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#18: Post by JavaMD »

Just a quick note ... was over at a friends house whose grinder went out while we were messing with his lever espresso machine.
Had My Lido 3 in the car that I got from Doug at the SCAA and put it two notches off full choke ... great crema and grind quality ... shot was very nice.
Not what I'll use it for but good to see the quality is there if needed.


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#19: Post by yakster »

You're starting to make a case for a folding handle upgrade to my Lido 2, being that I travel with it and could shave almost 300 grams off the weigh of the grinder and I've already picked up the plastic catch cup.

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#20: Post by DouloScott »

I'm loving my Lido3 for a travel grinder. It seems just about perfect, the folding handle works great and I really like the zippered neoprene case that it comes in. The fact that it holds the custom hex tool and anti-static brush in the handle is super convenient. Holding off buying the Lido2 the last five months seems to have really paid off. The 3 is MUCH easier to travel with than my Virtuoso in its Pelican travel case.

Being new to OE as a user I also like that 70g coffee grinds in under 90 seconds (it was just about 150 revolutions for drip grind this morning, 12 lines from zero), for me this is HUGE improvement from the Skerton and Porlex, not to mention the awesome grind quality. I am excited to continue playing with it as it continues to break in.