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I like the way Doug and Barb think outside the box with their grinders. The Apex - flat, ghost, planetary gear and now the Fixie with adjustment by set width shims. The fact you can use your own shims from say different size aluminium foil, should give you all the fine adjustment you need in the espresso range, albeit with probably more faff initially than a standard dial adjustment.
My plan is to use it for either Aeropress or Chemex so the supplied shims will almost certainly be ok for me. Oh, and it's carbon fibre and titanium, drool

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There are other unconventional material choices, for example, Delrin bushings. (I believe that every (?) other OE grinder has used bronze bushings.)

I will probably start with Aeropress, as I just got some Aesir filters. For espresso, I would use a different grinder ...
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Good choice, Aesir filters are the bee's knees. Make an excellent cup!


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I just received my fixie in the mail today! Super fast delivery in light of what's happening out there. I've been seasoning the burrs for most of the afternoon!

One nice thing I didn't see in the video is that it comes with a small round tin that houses the rubber cover for the opening on the chamber. It's perfect for storing your extra shims.

My initial impression is that this will be a hit. It's the perfect size. Not too small that it becomes a hassle to grind the amount you need, but not needlessly large. It's so much lighter in the hand than I imagined. And the materials selection makes this a real pleasure to handle.

The important part that people are skeptical of is the adjustment mechanism, and I feel that it's very easy to change and fairly quick & intuitive.

I'll get these burrs seasoned over the course of the next few weeks and post pictures of grind distribution and maybe compare it to my Monolith Flat.

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^^^ Nice, Cameron! I just started up an owner experience thread, so we should probably continue over there.
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