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blutch wrote:Did you have massive retention with your Apex I do?
I already explained with pics in the previous page.. :) No, what I mean my experience using RDT "before" I buy Apex I have several electric and low end hand grinder which is need RDT.

Orphan Espresso Apex Grinder

Trying RDT is the most easy way as Craig told Orphan Espresso Apex Grinder


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I tried the wet spoon handle on tonight's cup. No change. Just as much static, just as much retention. I tried opening up to the coarsest setting and moved it cw and ccw and it didn't change anything. Grounds still stuck up in the chute and all around the lip to the chute. Three good bangs and I got all but .5 grams out. I went a little coarser on the grind and it was a really great cup.


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So the RDT really don't change the retention, btw the cw and ccw and open and close the grind setting wasn't for your retention it's for the feeding problem when you're only using the funnel like my setup, now you are still using the funnel + spring auger right? So no need to do the cw, ccw, open close setting cause the spring auger already guide the beans especially with the funnel...

Do you want to try the deep cleaning? You can try follow the OE guidelines and if you had a time you can try to use your original setup the funnel only, maybe you can try deep cleaning after you brew session but don't banging grinder so you can see which area the coffee grinds stuck the most.
By following the OE guidelines as Craig said before you can compare are there any different with the OE guidelines.


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Thanks for that clarification. I think this is the next step. It may be a few days before I can find the time to do it. I had such difficulties before, I'm a little gunshy to do it again.