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#751: Post by baldheadracing »

I'd suspect that it is the feed rate, as the lower the feed rate, the less fines produced.
1. If you have the spring auger installed clockwise, then grinding CCW will greatly reduce the feed rate;
2. Grinding with slower rpm reduces the feed rate; and
3. Part of the burr is directional, but the direction slows feed rate, not cutting.

ETA: RPM matters most.


#752: Post by oralia80 »

Makes sense. I do not have the spring installed.
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#753: Post by jameson »

I remember a while back someone mentioning it has to do with the slope of the teeth. in one direction it has a softer angle than the other, which I guess changes how the beans catch.
so CCW has a slower feed rate.


#754: Post by oralia80 »

That REALLY makes sense. Thank you. I hadn't seen that.
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