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#731: Post by Tcreast »

Well, I am finding that I should really read the manual more closely. Lesson learned I guess.

It started when I was grinding and the "Ring Gear anchor screw fell out." While trying to get things back in place, I unwisely unscrewed the handle, which the manual explicitly says not to do.

So now I have two issues. One, there's a gap between the handle and the planetary gear box:

And two, I can't get the ring gear ancho screw back in because something is blocking it. Not sure if you can tell from this picture:

Anyone have ideas for what now? I guess I'm more concerned by the missing anchor screw, as the handle seems to turn fine as is, but ideally I'd like to fix both. Based on the manual it seems like the PGB is jammed, so I guess that's the first thing to try to solve.


#732: Post by Yan »

I don't think something is blocking, it just you don't push the handle straight to the PGB, try to spin the auger slowly left and right and push the handle slowly it will enter seamlessly...

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#733: Post by Tcreast » replying to Yan »

Thanks, Yan. You were right. Following the path you laid out, I found the youtube video of Doug reassembling the grinder and that helped me get the gears meshed.