Option-O Mizen 64mm Omni burrs for Lagom P64

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#1: Post by naz1511 »


Finally! The long awaited 'cast' burr from Option-O will be available from November 2022 onwards for Lagom P64 owners and December 2022/January 2023 for non Lagom P64 owners.

Moonshine-like finish, geometrically looks a lot like a shrunken 804 sweets than a SSP Cast V1/V2, very interested to find out about more about this. Stated to have excellent quality from pour over to espresso, hence the name Omni.

Will cost around USD200.

edit: too excited, many typos.

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#2: Post by iyayy »

lol, didnt appear in google search yet :lol:
interesting, 4 cavity vs 3 in ssp. probably similar profile with different distribution grind pattern.. which doesnt tell much on how it behaves until you try pulling a 9 bar shot. :roll:
nice find.

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#3: Post by jb-0101 »

Yeah I count 9 pre-breakers to the lab sweets 12, and couldn't be bothered to count and double check the number of finishing teeth on each, but my guess is the same due to 3 cavities x 12 = 36 on SSP, and 4x9 on mixed = 36 as well. I surmise less pre breakers would mean slower grinding but less fines?

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#4: Post by calmunderpressure »

If I read it correctly, you get an 80$ discount if you own the P64 already.
That means they only cost 120$.

That's a bargain if they really perform like the describe them.

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I am new here so, nice to meet you all. Waiting in line to get those. I'm a little nervous trying a brand new burr set, but actually this is already a v2 Option-O didn't like how v1 turned out, so I hope no SSP cast v1-v2 would be needed.
They seem to have fewer section but with one more segment in a section than SSP ones, I hope this works well.
Actually 4 segments into a section is the same as the original Labsweet, but they have one section less due to the smaller diameter.

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#6: Post by malling »

Looks great, will probably get a set when it gets available for non p64 users.

I'm more or less decided on the Orbit so will toss them in that when it hopefully get's available next year and just use the other Cast in my other grinder for brewed.

36 cavity/72teeth and 9 breaker Vs 36 cavity/72teeth and 12 breaker in cast I suspect these will be in a similar ball park.

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#7: Post by SteveRhinehart »

I'm in for a set. It'll be interesting to compare to the SSP Cast v2 burrs, and I'm going to make good on my promise to mix-and-match the two sets for kicks.

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#8: Post by calmunderpressure »

I pulled the trigger on this burrset.

Think you won't get your hands on these any cheaper.

I'm excited to compare these to the unimodal v2.
Hope to get a bit more body/thickness and a wider window for the sweetspot.

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I'm guessing this should be compatible with other 64mm grinders ?

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To get the $80 discount do you need to place an order first and get a refund later or do you have to ask for a discount code first?
The message is not super clear...