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#501: Post by GDK »

Same - 6+ clicks drop here. The only difference is that my range is from 0.3 to 0.6. Anything lower produces flower like grind. This may be due to alignment. As someone suggested, try rotating the upper carrier (no need to remove burrs) in all three positions to see which gives you the lowest chirping point. In my case, when I installed the new sandblasted Mizens for the first time I could hear the chirp sounding more like a click so I decided to reinstall the burrs by keeping all orientations the same. Good cleaning preceded install in either case. After reinstall, chirp point went about 2 clicks lower. In either case, I was carefully torquing... so go figure. There may have been a small particle below a burr that I did not see the first time.

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#502: Post by whatdisay »

Just got my P64 with sandblasted Mizen Omnis on 1/3, been using it every day since.

Mine chirps at -.3 and locks at about -.5. I just haven't bothered to zero it out. Lately I've been making espresso from .15 to .25, depending on the bean, which would actually be .45 to .55 with zero at chirp. Turbo shots at about .35-.40 (.65-.70).

One thing I've noticed: sometimes I'll turn the grinder on and find the chirp point at about -.4. But then if I slowly change the setting from like .1 all the way to 6.0, and come back down, the chirp point goes back to -.3. I know it seems silly to take such notice of 10 microns, but when making espresso with a Sworks Citrus Slice basket, 10 can really matter.

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Is there a way to tell, visually or by touch, between the moonshine burrs and the sandblasted burrs?
I just picked up a second-hand set of Omni burrs, originally purchased in October 2023 AFAIK and looking to confirm either way.

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#504: Post by whatdisay replying to Im_Iw_aJ »

Sam from Option-O, in response to another inquiry of mine, told me "The last Moonshine finish we shipped was in July-Aug 2023".

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Are the two versions of the Mizen Omni's (v1's & v2's) just moonshine vs sandblast? Are there other variations? :D

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#506: Post by Jonk »

There was a second version of the moonshine burrs, slightly thicker to avoid compatability issues (or the need for shims)

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#507: Post by Ez3000 »

Recently received my P64 Mizen Omni. Loving it so far for espresso coming from a Weber Key.

I want try some filter coffee and I'm trying to figure out the microns at each setting. I think the company says every click is 10 microns? Would a 5.5 be 550 microns? how many clicks is zero off chirp generally from factory?

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Correct, but FYI burr opening does not mean grind size. As far as I know there are no meaningful way of determining accurate grind size without equipment to actually analyze the particles.

I think your starting point is good, perhaps slightly on the fine size. Just see how the brew flows, usually if you are between 3 and 4 minutes including 30-45 sec bloom you are around where you want to be. Then adjust according to taste :)

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#509: Post by erik82 »

My espresso setting is at 0.5 and my V60 is around 4.5 which is a somewhat fine pourover grind.

And yes 1 full number is 100micron but that's burr gap and not grind size.

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#510: Post by bznelson91 »

I've got a P64 Mizen OM, and I just dial in by number until I get what I want and forget about microns and such. Without some really expensive analytics gear, I'm not sure it's possible to really get accurate readings on that. I know there is Unspecialty and Gagne's tool, but both have a wide degree of variance depending on sample prep etc.