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Flilow wrote:What are your thoughts on MC5 vs P64 Mizen for milk-based drinks? Difference in texture? I'm currently trying to decide between these two and will be about 60:40 milk-based:straight espresso.
MC5 is More forgiving when dialing in and it's better at milk drinks. Given your preferences, I'd go with mc5. I think that MC5 tolerates roasting/origin flaws more than mizens.
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I have been using the Mizens on my P64 for about two months now. My previous set were the HU SSP. I am using them or espresso only.

Initial impression was great:
- consistently tastier coffee, even from beans that were giving me harder time with the HUs
- shorter grind time
- slightly quieter
- slightly less retention at the same RPMs (negligible difference)

Lately, as the burrs brake in more I guess, I find it is now harder to dial good espresso. I have to go up to 2 notches finer than before, compared to a month ago and while the shot start great flow accelerates midway and that leads to less than ideal results. No change in puck prep - no step is missed. I changed beans but also repeated a few over that period of time. Does anyone have similar observations?