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Wodan wrote:Has anyone used both the SSP Cast Lab Sweets V2 and the Mizen? I'm curious if there's much of a difference since the geometry looks very similar.
I had TWO sets of SSP Cast burrs and didn't love them, they didn't give me much flavour clarity, they just had decent body, not sure I noticed any 'sweetness' enhancement really, they may get better after 20lbs of seasoning, but I didn't want to waste time or coffee with that nonsense, or suffer through subpart coffees until the burrs were seasoned. It reminded me of coffee I could get from a cheap conical burr grinder so why am I wasting the Lagom P64s potential with them!

So far from what I've heard so far the Mizen burrs should be a lot better. Good clarity. sweetness and some body. Balance shall be restored to the force! Mine are coming soon.


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I received the mizen burrs this week :D

Seasoned with 2 kg old beans. Grinds are fluffy, take more volume in the basket before tamp compared to HU, MP and lagom mini. Happy to report that the grinding sound is much more pleasant than the screeching sound of the MP. Chirp point is about 4 whole points 'finer' compared to MP and HU. Can grind fine enough to choke the machine. No issues like channeling. Shot time between shots are consistent. Grind speed is faster than the other burrs I think, however I never timed it thus going of memory. Tastewise it is as advertised, high clarity espresso while still having body. I'm using a couple new beans at the moment so I don't have a direct comparison with MP or HU, but tastewise I really like what these burrs are producing. Some shots had some sweetness to it, never had this with MP and HU. I like them more than MP already, I never got along very well with those burrs. Easy to like flavour profile so far.

It is still early, only had about 15 shots on them with 3 different beans, but I suspect these will find a permanent home in the P64 for medium to light roast duty, with its little brother lagom mini for the medium to dark beans. Very happy so far!


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I got mine in the February batch and have been extremely pleased with them. I drink nearly 50:50 espresso vs filter and these burrs are up to the task. I have not brewed with my C40 since my Mizen P64 turned up... and I love my C40s.


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So are the only differences between the first batch of Mizen and the new meet batch coming in now the thickness ? Thickness for the older p64? But newwwr p64 should have no issues with either burrs ?


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Effectively yes.


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KKUK wrote:I got mine in the February batch and have been extremely pleased with them. I drink nearly 50:50 espresso vs filter and these burrs are up to the task. I have not brewed with my C40 since my Mizen P64 turned up... and I love my C40s.
How is your grind bed with filter after pouring? I find the Mizens leave a really muddy bed and easily clog up... not sure if my particular burrs have an issue or if that's "normal".


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I haven't experienced that. Which brewer / dose / coffee / grind setting are you using?

I use a small Orea brewer with about 18g of filter roast coffee; grinder set at RPM level 3 and around 5.5 on the dial.

I typically will brew with about 275g water coming in between 2:30 and 3:10 brew time.

I fall into the coarser is better camp when it comes to pourovers.


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I use a V60 Switch typically with light roast coffee, and I grind at 6 on the dial with RPM also at 3. I usually use a 20g gram dose with 300g water, and last time I used it, I think it was around a 3:00 or 3:30 brew time. I'll brew another tomorrow and take a picture of the resulting bed, can you post a pic of your bed too? I've also noticed there seems to be a LOT more fines clumped around the grounds compared to grinding with my Kinu, and I would have expected the opposite. I also agree that coarser is better with pourover, I'm pretty sensitive to bitterness in my brew.


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Very strange, what sort of kettle/pour pattern are you using and is it consistent across different types of coffee? I find I have to go coarser with Ethiopians and finer with South Americans.

Will take a photo of my next brew, I'll do some bigger ones over the weekend with a chemex too for a brewer geometry comparison.

What about taste? Are you getting bad results?


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Is it easy to dial in Mizens? because i've seen few comments complaining about that the flow was really fast.
Also OO told me there is no need for seasoning the burrs.