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iyayy wrote:consider low fat milk. it can be rich in taste, but at same time its always more diluted in taste and feel in the mouth than any full cream or powder milk.

probably as close as i can think of to describe how less textural / thin mouthfeel MP is.
again the taste will still depends on how rich the beans is, and flavor can be quite intense depends on beans, ratio, profile.

cast will be more of full cream milk, mizen likely similar.

conicals will be like super thick powder milk, very sticky in the mouth. hu maybe or should be closer to this.
The theory doesn't hold water, toss a very light roast through a Conical and it won't have very high degree of texture on its own, make a turbo shot and it won't have much either.

A conical only offer high textures if the beans has it in it and you brew it such that it comes into expression.

What we can say is that using the same bean brewed the same way a conical will have a more fuller and thicker texture and more blending profile, while uniformity burrs will offer a more delicate texture with more clarity and separation.

But notice the relativity aspect here.


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Thanks to everyone who helped me out with my dilemma. I'm between Mizen and MPs , because what i'm looking for right now , that Niche doesnt give me most of the time is clarity. Yes i can feel that acidity or whatever , but most of the time what they describe of the coffee bag i don't. Maybe my tasting knowledge or ability is not that well trained , but i suppose Mizen or MP will help me out. And another thing that maybe i should go Mizen or MP , is that near future i may want to buy an aeropress and see how it goes. I should look more Mizen MP comparisons on youtube. Can't find many though , maybe because not many have received the mizen burrs yet ?


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Not many out yet.

Niche isn't going to separate and underline the flavour same way a more modern flat dos obviously you can detect the flavorous it's just nor as clear and precise. I expect the MP will be cleaner then a Mitzen, however I personally never as big a fan of MP as I don't think it did as good as job as say 98mm Brew, LU/ULF dos for 64mm I much prefer the more jack of all trades cast, It sounds like the Mitzen is somewhere between the MP and SSP Cast, but I suspect I find out eventually.

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I came from a Niche (well loved and somewhat missed). I have the MPs in my P64 and you can pull pretty much anything though it just fine. The main thing you'll lose is the texture/body which will be annoying for your milk based drinks. Honestly though if you are keeping the Niche just go MP. Mizen promises a good all arounder but not many people have really tried and compared. I order the Mizen but still waiting. Like what most people are saying, you'll compromise on clarity in favour of more body in your shots/brews.

One thing I do on my p64 is so high RPM for espressos, it adds more fines in your coffee bed, and low RPM for brews ( more uniform).
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jfjj wrote: One thing I do on my p64 is so high RPM for espressos, it adds more fines in your coffee bed, and low RPM for brews ( more uniform).
Good advise for the MP burrs. I have the HUs (I do espresso only) and to increase the clarity on these I use low RPMs. Will see what mizen likes more.


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Received the Mizen burrs today, pre-installed on a new p64. These are obviously unseasoned but I was getting a fairly "flat" result when trying a few v60 pour overs. By flat I mean it was a smooth cup, but lacked a lot of clarity/separation of flavors. This was using a light roast (Ethiopia), 15g/250 out, 208F, 5.5 grinder(550 microns) Hoffman technique. Water is using the rpalvis recipe.

Any thoughts on what to adjust to pull out more of the lighter fruit notes? It's all a bit muted atm


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You're using rpavalis water for pour over? I thought it was mainly for espresso, and if you have too high of a KH you end up muting out the fruit notes.

IIRC, Sey uses water with 50 GH and 15 KH - maybe start there?


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I have a p64 that I received January 2022 - Reading this thread, I'm unsure if I should even bother attempting to try the Mizen Omni burrs.

It's a bit baffling that there would be a burr made by Option-O that only works on new models of the P64. I don't see any mention of this on the official site. The burr selection chart now has the Omni Mizen burrs on them with no special note.

Does anyone have more clarification on this?


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I have a first generation p64 and I have no issue with my Mizen. They sent some shims because the burrs thickness was a bit too low on the first batch but that's it. It will be fixed in the next batch. Other than that they work flawlessly. I can grind as fine as I want. I have nothing to complain about them.


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Good to know, thanks! I see you're also in Quebec. Did you order from Cafune and they sent you the shims or you ordered directly from Option-O?