Option-O Mizen 64mm Omni burrs for Lagom P64 - Page 2

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#11: Post by GDK »

It appears so, they say discount will be given post order placement. So hopefully they will credit back $80 upon receiving the proof of ownership.


#12: Post by calmunderpressure »

After ordering the burrs I send an email to option o with a picture of the serial number of my grinder and the order number.


#13: Post by GDK »

I pulled the trigger too. I also sent option-o email with my P64 invoice and later I received a reply that I will be getting the $80 refund in the next few days. Will see.
Can't wait to receive the burrs. This is probably my first blind purchase - no single review or feedback yet. I guess I trust Option-O quite a bit :)

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#14: Post by ziggomatic »

Looks like this initial launch batch sold out already.

Excited to receive mine and hear about everyone's experience with theirs!


#15: Post by sleeprequired »

calmunderpressure wrote:I pulled the trigger on this burrset.

Think you won't get your hands on these any cheaper.

I'm excited to compare these to the unimodal v2.
Hope to get a bit more body/thickness and a wider window for the sweetspot.
I'm waiting for my Lagom and I've ordered the v2 multipurpose. Interested to hear about the sweet spot and your experience dialling it in. I'll also be getting a set of the mizen burrs at a later date.

If you have any thoughts/opinions I'd like to hear them

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#16: Post by jfjj »

Bunkmil wrote:To get the $80 discount do you need to place an order first and get a refund later or do you have to ask for a discount code first?
The message is not super clear...
Yes, I e-mailed them and they want confirmation you own a p64 first :)
- Jean

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#17: Post by ziggomatic »

I heard from Option-O they were hoping to get the initial batches shipped out this week!

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#18: Post by EvanOz85 »

I'll be directly comparing these to SSP's version once they arrive.

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#19: Post by ziggomatic »

Awesome, does that mean you have the SSP version on your P64 now/previously?

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#20: Post by EvanOz85 replying to ziggomatic »

Yep. They were on my JT64 but I recently moved them to the P64. JT64 now has the HU burrs.