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Hello all,

Noticed other similar thread consistently converge to espresso discussions 100% of the time, so starting a new thread in the hopes of continued discussion for pour overs only using the Mizen Omni burrs on the P64.

I recently took delivery of a P64 fitted with the Mizen Omni burrs (September 2023 from Prima Coffee). It came with a sticker saying the grinder is ready to use.

Some details:

Seasoning: none

Total coffee ground: 40g so far

Alignment & 0 Point:
-Factory alignment
-I can hear very faint brushing noise with grind setting set to 0. Not a full on chirp and so quiet that motor noise from any RPM greater than minimum masks the brushing noise.

Grind setting: 5 & 5.75

RPM: 3

Brew device: V60

Filter: white tabbed hario filters that were included in the 700ml v60 decanter

Brew 1 Details:
-20g ground @ 5 w/ 320ml water = about 4m 30s draw down
-60g 45s bloom, then 4 subsequent concentric pours of 65g each, short swirl after final pour
-Resulted in fairly muddy bed, and not insignificant bitterness & astringency

Brew 2 Details:
-20g ground @ 5.75 w/ 320ml water = about 3m 20s draw down
-60g 45s bloom, 130g concentric pour, continuously followed by 130g of center pour, short swirl at the end
-Also resulted in a pretty muddy bed, but less bitter & astringent coffee than brew 1

Certainly looks muddier than the handful of pics other folks posted. Will the fines situation improve (decreased fines) after burrs get seasoned a bit? This is just a tiny bit better in terms of fines/bitterness/astringency than the grounds my cheap conical grinder produces (Capresso Infinity), albeit with a bit more clarity.

Purchased this grinder with this burr set to future proof whenI eventually get into espresso. Do I need to get the SSP unimodal/MP v2 burrs if I want more in-cup clarity with virtually no bitterness & astringency? Or have I just not dialed it in yet?

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Run at least 5-10 kg through those burrs before drawing conclusions.


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I find my pour technique will be the most determining factor of whether or not I see fines or "mud" on the top of the brew bed and therefore not a very conclusive way to evaluate brews.

I find my moonshine Mizens to do well in a variety of brew ranges just depending on what I'm in the mood for. Like Jeff said, run some coffee through it (I personally think 5lbs is fine to start) and then try some different grind sizes. I've been liking fast brews with 2/2.5 grind speed and 6.5 on the dial. Grinding at 5/5.5 would be a bit too extracted for me and like I said, I can make my brew bed look muddy or I can make it look not muddy just by the way you brew so I wouldn't look too much into that for analysis.

diyeverything1919 (original poster)

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Thank you for your inputs. Opinions on seasoning burrs seem to vary widely... figured I'd just start grinding & brewing.

Will pick up a couple of costco bags on my way home & run them through before trying again.

Given the timing of this purchase, should be safe to assume mine came with the sand blasted version of the Mizen burrs, correct? Prima won't answer...


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Based on the pics you posted, as well as the timing, I feel pretty confident you have the sandblasted burrs. They are advertised as producing more fines. I just got my set installed today. The moonshined burrs made very clean and balanced cups with almost no mud, so I'll update whenever I try brewing with the new (definitely sandblasted) set. So far the espresso has been very different, so I expect the brews to be pretty different too.

In my experience, the moonshined burrs were brew burrs that can do espresso, and the new ones are espresso burrs that can do filter. So there's going to be some noticeable heterogeneity in this thread based on the version of burrs.
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diyeverything1919 (original poster)

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Ah, totally makes sense... and that'd be great, thanks maccompatible! Sounds like I may end up picking up another set of burrs pretty soon, but will try messin around with these some more.

Will take the thing apart this weekend to take a better look at the burrs and maybe re-zero the touch point so the 0 is sitting at a more obvious chirp. Will post a pic on the other thread on these burrs if I get around to it.

Thnx again all!