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#51: Post by blissed »

@EvanOz85 For someone that likes the vibrancy and pronounced acidity do you find the mizens lack compared to 98 Brew or the LMs?

Worried about losing the "pop" from my filters and spros in favor for a more "friendly" presentation that you seem to be describing come out from the mizens.


#52: Post by Eiern »

It's hard to say for others but for me I really like the acidity from 98 Brew and the Mizen are more relaxed in their presentation of it. If your really like 98 Brew the Mizen is a little different while still being great, it could be a step down, a step sideways or a step up. They won't be replacing my 98 Brew but I could probably happily live with only Mizens.


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In the original post it mentions that the burrs are uncoated. Is that going to be true of the production version as well?

I've always been curious about the impact of coatings on the quality of the grind produced.


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Has anyone compared 98/102 Mizen to the 64mm version? I'm curious how they compare, and hoping the larger size gives more pronounced acidity.


#55: Post by Eiern replying to Wodan »

I've tried the 64 (early Moonshine) Mizen in my Ode and they're not the same as 98. I got less clarity and a little more body from 64 and yes the acidity was more integrated. I seem to get more acidity from 64 Cast SSP but will revisit 64 Mizen when SSP are more seasoned. 98 Mizen are more toward 98 SSP burrs but rounded off/toned down. 64 was good and forgiving but not my preferred presentation for specialty at home.


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Thanks. I also find I get more acidity from 64mm SSP Cast (CV2) than 64 Mizen. So the 98Mizens have the acidity turned up but not offensively?


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Little lower than 98 Brew but not too low for my taste when in the P100. With the EK I think think Mizen acidity got too flat for my liking, might be an EK or RPM thing, I have no idea.


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Ordered the 98OM a couple days ago to replace 98 HU. This thread along with Option-O's product description were sufficient to help make a decision. Modern light and medium roasts are exactly the coffees I have been drinking consistently the past 3-4 years. These burrs will undoubtedly be transformative. Excited to receive them in a couple weeks!

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I now have a set of 980 mizen and will replace HUs and post soon. I have 2 years with the HUs. There are so many variables involved in why we even think a burr is more clear or muted.

I really like HUs but too much acidity - it's clear and distinct but can be too dominant in light roasts.

A quick example is my p100 can get layers of floral notes, albeit with less body and plenty of acidity. My Versalab M4 will get as much floral pop, but less layers. Versalab shot is still better to me because body is better and acidity is more muted - this allows me to get a floral shot that lasts longer bc it's not competing with other Stronger tasting notes.

Lastly. I think how you pull your shots will greatly affect your opinion. I noticed some videos in this thread with straight shots pulled without PI or glow control.



#60: Post by hanmak17 »

I've just installed the new Mizen 98's in my P100. I've got a couple of questions as I haven't heard back from Lagom yet. I'm assuming the burr designated as bottom is the burr that sits in the base of the grinder, and outside is the fixed burr in the top assembly?

Is there a recommended installation process for tightening down the screws (torque etc.), or for aligning the burrs? I'm assuming not, but wanted to check. My installed cleanly and tightened down snug but not overly so.

Also, I noticed upon installation that the zero point is quite a bit different then with the SSP burrs. It's not a big deal, but the location now of the dial line is in the back of the grinder when I am dialing in for pour overs. A bit inconvenient but not terribly so.

Lastly, it has been my experience that I need to dial the grinder setting back to get proper flow through for pour overs. My current setting for V60 pour overs is around 7.5, to brew 378g water through 24 grams coffee, in 3min. Is this consistent with what others are seeing?

In terms of initial experience, these are radically different then the SSP brew burrs I had in previously. Much cleaner and more delineated flavors, less muddy at equivalent grind size. Still early, but hopeful as I was not impressed with the brew burrs.