Olympia Express Moca Grinder - Motor Loose?

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#1: Post by Dmax »

I just purchased a used (2020) Moca grinder. After setting it up, it wont grind. I have the hopper installed properly, and using it per instructions. When I move it, it seems like something is loose inside. I popped off the cover and noticed the motor assembly is loose. I can wiggle it back and forth. I assume this is not normal?

I'm not sure what happened, any ideas on what to do? Thanks.

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#2: Post by coffeedog »

Can you post some pictures so we can see what's going on?
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#3: Post by GFride »

Does it make any noises or buzzing like it's receiving power? You may want to pull off the case and have a look to see what's going on. There is a video on YouTube from Cerini coffee showing how to clean the burrs that shows how to remove the case. It's pretty simple to do. If you can't get it resolved Cerini coffee in New York is the authorized service for Olympia.