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Grinders are one of the keys to exceptional espresso. Discuss them here.
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Clamping should be very helpful, but if you do decide to motorize, I'd recommend direct drive and a high torque motor like this project with heavy duty drill (or better for light roasts to be able to keep the needed speed down): Single Dose, Low Retention Grinder Project

If not direct drive, you will need large pulleys and a heavy duty timing belt as I found out building another grinder. No less than HDT 5mm pitch - 30T - 16W, and probably more than 30T for good margin.
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When I was using my Pharos I came up with this:

Pharos: Making Grinding Easier with a "Grinding Bar"
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When I mean light beans, I mean filter of Tim W. for espresso
If you didn't grind something similar it is hard to explain the force needed.

medium-dark needs negligible force compared to ultralight ;)
In either case, clamping is fast and helps. Just for example I bent and finally broke a lighter clamp (15-20cm length), because of the force generated.
Better to get heavy duty one ;)


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Before we moved back to the states, I used to lap grind with the Pharos. Since coming back I got lazy and started using my drill. I just added the extra nut above the lever and that was it. It is not a pretty set up, but it is fast and easy--just hide the drill when not in use.
I don't remember anymore, but I think my Pharos is a 1.1 with a 2.0 update.

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