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I have an OE Lido that has been grinding away gone 10+ years now. Unfortunately my missus decided to see how much abuse it could take the other day and ended up breaking the catch cup AND the black plastic top it threads into. I went to the OE Lido site to try and buy a new one and it's out of stock. I've emailed OE nearly 2 weeks ago but have yet to receive any kind of reply. This is the second time I've emailed and had radio silence so not sure if OE is still going. Does anyone have recommendatations on replacing the lid/jar that looks as good or better than the original? Would greatly appreciate any advice.

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The plastic jar lid (https://www.oehandgrinders.com/Lido-Gri ... _40-3.html) is one part that I don't have a spare of, or else I'd just send it to you. Have you tried reaching out to them via Twitter? Works for me.
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It's just a jar. A particular size with a lid that has a certain threading. I bought a compatible jar for my LIDO 1 as a backup in case I broke the original. I don't have the details at hand and I'm traveling. But since you need to replace the lid too I think that gives you some leeway in choosing. Of course you have to install it and I think that means realigning the burrs.

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Thanks all so far. I know it's just a jar but I've tried a few and so far none of them fit and a good way. I tried doing a lid the other day and though I got one made it looked terrible! I will try and contact on twitter thanks.


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boneman147 wrote:I will try and contact on twitter thanks.
Check your inbox I sent you their email addresses.