OE Apex Re-assembly issue

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Hi y'all,

I just picked up a used OE Apex and I am pretty ecstatic to use it. I am a hand grinder person, so that + the quality had me intrigued from the get-go. As it was used without the auger installed, I decided to take it apart, clean it, and install the spring. Unfortunately, as I partially reassembled the handle (to provide tension for the installation) the piece that holds the planetary gears and the other metal piece (sorry if I'm butchering the names) got stuck together (see picture). I have tried to use WD-40 and some strategic banging/pulling to unstick the pieces, but unfortunately, nothing has changed. You can see the unevenness of the two parts in the pictures.

I was wondering if any users have had this happen. I thought I had followed the instructions (related to not removing the handle and pulling out) but not well enough, and now, I find myself at a crossroads. I'd love some help :)

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Maybe you don't read this part, I also never read the manual just see the step by step guide via YouTube video:

Is it possible to put back the handle to the Planetary Gear Box(PGB) its easier to move left and right after you put back PGB with the handle.
Maybe clamp the gearbox outer housing to Desktop clamp and try to move the handle left and right and try to pull back, cause it's very tight tolerance.

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Ok, you'll need to warm the bottom part (this will expand the aluminum), then gently tap on the high side with a small, light mallet, until it aligns. Once aligned, it will be movable, and it will fall IN, then you can lift it out - straight. It's a very tight tolerance mechanism...