Nuovo Simonelli 50mm burrs vs Eureka Espresso burrs?

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I'm looking for a set of replacement burrs for my Gaggia MDF - Eureka's grinders are a current favorite, and the burrs are compatible - however the espresso burrs are hard to find (seems everyone buys them and then unloads the filter/brew burrs). The parent company Nuovo Simonelli's burrs are easier to find - does anyone know if there's a real difference between them and the Eureka labelled burrs? Companies often charge an extra premium for branding and warm fuzzies, and given how Eureka charges a lot of money for tiny increments of functionality across their Mignon line, I'm curious if I'm losing any actual benefits for espresso grinding by picking up the Nuovo Simonelli espresso burrs.


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The MDF has been discontinued for a while now and wasn't a commercial model. Gaggia-branded burrs seem to be challenging to find at a reasonable price. ... B07KPQ3NJ8 suggests that the Eureka-branded burrs fit.

My feeling it that, other than getting sharp burrs, the options among those that might fit are not going to significantly change the results in the cup.

If you're happy with the MDF's performance and work flow, replacing the burrs seems a reasonable path. If not, grinders for the home have improved significantly over the MDF/Rocky.

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Thanks for the link - is there an obvious way to tell if those are the espresso burrs or the filter burrs? I guess it's easy enough to return them if they show up and are the wrong ones.

The Eureka burrs are known to fit in the old Gaggia MDF, and supposed to speed up grinding for people who have tried them. My question is really around whether the Eureka branded espresso burrs are actually any different from the Nuovo Simonelli burrs.

Inevitably I'll upgrade the grinder, but there's a dizzying array of options and I'm happy to take some time and upcycle this MDF (which costs me only $50 in excellent condition) and see where my tastes and available options settle down. I have a 3D printer and have a reasonable amount of experience designing and printing mods for the 3D printer and other stuff around the house, so modding the MDF to be stepless and doseless will just be another fun hobby project (I'm about to install PID and pre-infusion mods on my Gaggia Classic).
I understand that at best, the MDF is only really going to get me a to baseline espresso from around the "turn of the century". It turns out that my taste preferences cluster around light-med roasted Central American beans for espresso. This setup isn't optimal for that, but it should sort of get by until I figure out my next move. Given that the kind of beans I like are considered hard to grind, it might be best for me to get the latest Eureka espresso burrs. But are they really just rebranded Nuovo Simonelli burrs?

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That seems like a very reasonable path ... burrs-50mm gives some part numbers:

Code Producer
MAC50 Eureka
MAC50CP Eureka
527.244 Fast Ricambi
1251069 LF
15800039 Nuova Simonelli
15800045 Nuova Simonelli

Your search skills may be better than mine on finding comparable photos or comparisons between the burr sets.