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sprin001 wrote:Following this one. Please let me know what you all come up with and I may follow suit. So far, very impressed with the quality of grind.
I'll update once the part arrives. There aren't any spare funnels in the US yet.


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Anything so far?


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Just got an email Monday or Tuesday from Nuova Distribution that the funnel and chute are in. The total will be $382 :shock: , so I'll order the parts next week as my wife requested that I wait...


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Here it is. I'm happy with it, but it does need to have the holes filled with some buttons and a pf fork now.



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Does the funnel retain much grounds? Do you have to tap it alot to get them all out?

Looks good, I am still looking for a replacement doser on my MDX.

EDIT: that funnel was $382?!


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No retention in the funnel due to the exit chute compacting the grinds and the exit tabs breaking them up The design does mean a few grams in the chute vs. the low retention of brushing the chute every time. I hated the awful doser but love the grind, so it was worth selling a machine to fund the funnel.