Niche Zero upper burr carrier seems loose - normal?

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Dear Home-Barista Forum readers and writers,

i have a question to other Niche Zero users.

Last week when i cleaned my niche, i noticed when i screwed the funnel back on, that i could move it back and forth a bit. So i don't mean that the alignment ring changed, but really the whole top part, you can move it like, sideways back and forth a bit.

I asked Niche about this and they said it was normal.

But i checked when i moved the top part, the funnel, and i noticed that the outer burr also moves a little bit with it. Even if it is only 1 mm.

Then when i screwed the funnel of again, i noticed that the outer burr is a tiny little bit loose in its fitting. I mean, you can wiggle it a bit. That said to me that if i move the funnel (when screwed on) the burr also moves a bit with it. And you can check it doing so, that actually happens.

This means to me that if the funnel is moved, and the outer burr with it, and it is leaned a bit to one side, the grind size is a bit different on side of the burrs than on the other side.

Isn't that a bit strange? What do you think about this?

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1mm is a very large movement. A small amount, about 0.2mm or less is normal.

Can you measure the 1mm with a scale. Push the carrier all the way in one direction and measure. Push all the way in the opposite direction and measure. Photos, on a tripod, should be convincing.

jer_am (original poster)

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Thanks for your reply.

unfortunately i have no means of making photographs with a tripod. I can make a video but then i would have to send that in a dm i guess.

I found that when i move it really slowly, i feel when it is in the middle.

For me it still feels strange but since there are no further replies i assume it's normal.


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Very small movement is normal, I would need to see a video of this.

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Check that the springs that tension the upper carrier are released, not jammed.
Jim Schulman

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#6: Post by cafeIKE »

Springs only marginally affect the horizontal play and are primarily for holding the upper burr off the lower.

My Niche suffers from setting creep w/o an adjusting ring lock. I messed about with different springs from Niche to solve the issue, but in the end locked the upper carrier with two 'customized' piano tuning dampers.

My m.o. is to drink the same coffee for about 5 weeks. If one adjusts frequently for different roasts or prep, not an issue.