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Is there any practical reason why I should worry about .1 gram retention.

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HansGruber wrote:Hi

My Issue with bellows is that they also draw coffee up into the coffee bean feeder area. I tried this on my Niche recently which worked really well apart from said issue. ... UTF8&psc=1
I use that as a bellows too. I ordered a second one which will come in the next few weeks and I plan on opening the top skin a bit so that I can press with my finger on the hole and remove it before releasing the suction. I have noticed though that if I release the suction slowly it does not really pull that much stuff up. Thing that I like about this tool is that the part that rests on the funnel is very soft and I am hoping that over time it helps in preserving the funnel's plating.

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scrane wrote:Is there any practical reason why I should worry about .1 gram retention.
Original Niche midway into year 6, ≈60-80g / day

I puff most of the time BEFORE grinding, having let the coffee stale since the last shot. Never tested, but workflow of puffing before first shot is preferred here.

Retention varies from coffee to coffee. My current coffee retains about 0.4g. If I don't blow it out, I need about 0.2g less on the first shot in a 20.6g dose. If grinding multiple shots and the first isn't a milk drink, I blow before the first shot and dose down about 0.2g on subsequent shots.

I got one of those cheap puffers more than a year ago and it shows no sign of wearing out. see Huffin' & Puffin' a [Niche Zero] grinder

As far as worrying about what gets 'sucked back', I'm not that tightly wrapped :roll: A rinse under the faucet every Preston Guild suffices.


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Not sure if you saw this video. The results produced from the Sworks Design Flat Burrs did not taste better. The Kony Conical Burrs are excellent as is.

Also, I too have purchased a Palm Chest Percussion Cup on Amazon for $10 and it works great. I don't need to use it all the time as my Niche Zero will have zero retention at times and I do not use RDT. ... ct_details