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Thanks for the info. The zerostat goes back into storage with the vinyl albums.

"Sprint" speed is not part of my workflow. More of a jogger's pace. Maybe why no real static retention issues with the NZ.

One potential issue with RDT is the potential for build up and gumming up the burrs. Some have noted concerns of possible corrosion. Guessing with daily use only a slight risk.

For now I'm on the NO to RDT side. Ask me next winter during woodburner heating season when the RH in the house struggles to break 30%.
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If anyone has regrets rdting their niche, espresso parts is having 30%off sale and the mazzer 191c is included.

It would be an interesting experiment to see the long term affect of rdting on the burrs from new to used on the cutting edges.


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Definitely not.
It's not recommended by Niche themselves and from my experience it leads to loads of gunk inside the grinding chamber when cleaning.


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I live in Idaho and the RH is generally pretty low. I grind into the double wall cup and transfer to the filter basket. If I wait for 30 seconds with the grounds in the cup I have no static retention. I rarely break open the Niche to clean it. It doesn't seem necessary.
For me the Niche is a precise, repeatable, no hassle grinder.