Niche Zero sudden change in grind size

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Hi there,
2 weeks ago I made a horrible mistake an ran my NZ in calibration for a few seconds. The grinder didn't stall and a small amount ran through. Burrs seem undamaged, but since then my grind settings changed.
The grind seemed to got much finer. Before I ran my coffee on an 11-15, now I have to run it much coarser on a 19-23 for similar results.
Did I damage my grinder permanently or had someone a similar issue.
Have a good day :)

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The adjustment ring and the chrome collar move independently.

If you calibrate without or after cleaning gives a different Zero

If you removed the burrs, did you secure the center bolt well. The first time I did, following the instructions, it loosened in short order. I now lock the burrs with the handle of a plastic toothbrush to ensure the bolt is snug.