Niche Zero STL file for wooden parts?

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#1: Post by mdreuben »

Would anyone happen to have an STL file for the wooden parts of the Niche?
I'd like to try some alternative looks.

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#2: Post by Jake_G »

If nobody else has them (cough, Cannonfodder, cough, cough), I can make them and make them available. Might take a few iterations to get them "just right", though.


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mdreuben (original poster)

#3: Post by mdreuben (original poster) » replying to Jake_G »

I'd certainly be glad to share any 3D prints with whomever developed the file!


#4: Post by luvmy40 »

I'll try to find time scan the wood bits this weekend.

No promises!


#5: Post by luvmy40 »

Not much success with the scanner(CHICOM cheapo we are still tweaking). However, my Son did make very good models in CAD(both of which print nicely with Octo Print) of the feet and the removeable puck the grounds catcher sits on. He is working on the platform now. That will prove a bit more difficult to get the rear radius and bevel perfect. I cut a thicker platform from 1-1/4" oak by hand and it took a good long time on the belt grinder fitting it up to the grinder body.


#6: Post by renzodenardi »

Hi folks, were the STL ever made available?
Thx and sorry if I missed where they were posted..


#7: Post by luvmy40 »

The above links are for the legs and round collection cup holder my son designed. He never did do one for the base platform but I think mdreuben(OP) did. Hopefully he'll see this and let us know.

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#8: Post by jwCrema »

Thank you very much for posting this. [edit} "I'm looking for" is now: "I have a 3D printer service making it."