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#1: Post by Damobravo »

Hi everyone

I've owned my niche zero for around 4 months now and have absolutely loved it! Pairs really well with my LMLM.

I'm just wondering if anyone else who owns one has retention issues?

I clean it once a week and at the end of each week there is around 0.5/0.8g of coffee residue left inside the grinder.

Seems to be a lot for a grinder that advertises very minimal retention.

If anyone has any fixes for this please do share! I've tried the small spray of water but it causes more issues than I expected so that's perhaps not the way to go about fixing the retention issue.

Cheers, Damien


#2: Post by greenbeans »

Hi Damien. I've had a Niche for about a year and enjoy it as well. I suspect that when you've cleaned it you have cleared the ground coffee from the grooves in the burrs so you may have to fill them in again so to speak. I suspect that after using the niche for a while without cleaning it the retention will be negligible.


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I've never weighed the clean out debris from my NZ. I can say that it is minimal. Miniscule compared to any other grinder I have owned of the last 25 years.

I do use a bellows to blow out the small amount that remains in the chute when grinding. I have two different types, both work well with a minor modification(a small hole you cover with your finger and release the vacuum when compressed). ... 01D0I21CI/


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Those are not retention issues. What you describe applies to every grinder ever made. If you start with a clean grinder and you grind say 20g of beans through it a percentage of that amount will accumulate in the nooks and crannies inside the grinder chamber. From those 20g you may get 17, 16, 15g out depending on the size and design of the grinding chamber. Once those nooks and crannies have filled up with coffee then the next time you grind you may get out an amount closer to what you put in. Static also plays a factor depending on the humidity level in your area.

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#5: Post by Jeff »

I use a puffer with every shot. I do not wet the beans. Kitchen temperature is around 65 F and 20-50% RH.

I get 0.0-0.3 g additional with the puffer using a 0.1 g resolution scale. I don't consider this an "issue", but in the relatively good end of the range.

What is beneath the burr and effectively immobile doesn't concern me significantly.

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#6: Post by Willinak »

After watching Hoffman's video on water puffing, it might mitigate the retention issue.

Damobravo (original poster)

#7: Post by Damobravo (original poster) »

Thanks for the replies.

General consensus that it's not actually an issue and it's just something that just happens!

Maybe I should stop cleaning it so regularly :?:


#8: Post by LObin »

Check DaveC's Niche Zero review. He did a pretty good job at measuring the NZ retention. He categorizes grind retention in 3 distinct types. Very informative.
https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpres ... o-grinder/

Your NZ is no different than the one he reviewed.

I only clean mine every 3 to 6 months. I don't use oily beans though. I would clean it more often if I was drinking darker roasts.
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#9: Post by jwCrema »

+ 1 Puffer

Also, I notice the quantity of retention varies due to the state of the bean. For a time I tried weighing the retained grinds, but I was attempting on a daily basis. .8 g retained over a week, assuming one 15g dose per day comes out to .7% retained or 99.3% not retained. Given environmental factors, the bean/roast, 99.3% seems pretty good to me without a puffer.

I ended up paying more for my puffer than the one listed in this thread. It's a lovely puffer for sure, but It's too bad NZ doesn't include one. Transportation across the US, packaging, and handling cost well over $15 - it can't cost more than $1 to make.

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#10: Post by Willinak »

What do you think of something like this, should the need arise? Too much?