Niche Zero: One year in review

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Well, I'm surprised someone hasn't posted this already:

...split from Niche Zero grinder by moderator...


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The Lance Hedrick video killed the Niche Zero (and the thread lol)

LewBK (original poster)

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It's funny but I thought the exact same thing. I thought it would've provoked a lot of responses to discuss the merits of his analysis and critique. Instead silence. The other irony is his video is about "breaking my silence" but seems to have created silence in others.

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The video is another waste of 20 minutes.
Why do people pay attention to bloviators?


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Totally agree as people should figure out what works for their setup, expectations, etc. Doesn't matter if Billy Bob likes _________ grinder, etc.

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cafeIKE wrote:The video is another waste of 20 minutes.
Why do people pay attention to bloviators?

I could never figure this out either. People take their opinions as gospel, but all they are just opinions. And we know what they say about opinions... make up your own mind.

If you enjoy medium to dark roasted coffees and chocolaty, nutty, caramel flavors with heavy mouthfeel - Niche is one of the best bangs for your buck.


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I also find it funny that he has connections to Breville and raves about the BDB, but states it has nothing to do with his connection to the brand.

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Couldn't get through the video. He seems to spend the majority of the time apologizing for what might be perceived as a negative opinion of the grinder. Absolutely cringe-worthy. Why are these YouTube dolts so afraid of having an honest opinion?


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Ditto. But from what I guess he is a relatively respected reviewer. Doesn't mean he's is spot on. Just has an opinion that some of us consider. Didn't make beyond the first few minutes. Design, aesthetics, looks or whatever are not "objective". Subjective biased towards one own perspective. Maybe Niche should eliminate the "Zero" from the name :mrgreen: :) ? One less niggle for some. Zero retention is a bit like the "God shot" or "perfection". Personally happy that Niche designed the grinder to deliver a wide "bell curve" distribution of grind size for ease of getting a "good" shot. Too many other variables to control to pull quality shots. JMHO....from a nobody.

Only a couple month user. First cleaning this morning. Simple, easy, and quick. Recalibrated zero point. Will find out tomorrow if within 1-2 marks of original factory calibrated zero point. Not that it really matters. Followed DaveC's video. Should have collected and weight the coffee. Didn't seem like more than fraction of a gram. Assuming you need to re-zero every time you clean the burrs?
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Instead of ad hominem attacks on Hendricks, which I always find lame in any format, why not address the specific points of his critique? I actually like the Niche, but to simply dismiss any criticism of it as the work of a YouTube "bloviator" serves no purpose.