Niche Zero not pushing out ground coffee

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#1: Post by martinlhoff »

Got my NZ 2 days ago, inaugurated it yesterday, and this morning by the 3rd coffee it has stopped pushing out the ground coffee.

It is not stuck on hard or oily coffee. It grinds it successfully but under the burrs there's a 3-paddle "propeller" piece that in normal operation turns at a slower clip and pushes the grounds out. That propeller isn't turning. I cleaned up everything, and this propeller turns by hand. When I reassemble and try again, no grounds out.

Contacting NZ support but looking for some help from this thoughtful and experienced group...


#2: Post by N714 »

That's weird
Does the burr run normally?

Have you tried to screw the burr tightly?

A video would helpful

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#3: Post by ShotClock »

Maybe try tightening the center bolt? The sweeper does underneath the cone burr, tightening it down may help.

martinlhoff (original poster)

#4: Post by martinlhoff (original poster) »

So I've watched their cleanup video again and spotted that they fully remove the propeller (blade in their terms). I hadn't done that.

My blade is a bit too large or the rod misaligned, it won't come out. Ends jam against the sides.

Anyway, reassembled partially and played with bolt pressure until it was turning a bit better. Then reassembled fully. We'll see.

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#5: Post by ShotClock »

If the silver sweeper part is not coming off the spindle, I'd say that is a significant problem. What is it jamming on? Did you remove the outer ring burr first?

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#6: Post by iploya »

martinlhoff wrote:Anyway, reassembled partially and played with bolt pressure until it was turning a bit better. Then reassembled fully. We'll see.
This is not normal behavior for the Niche. It is not that finicky, mechanically speaking. Normally it just works. Definitely sounds like a customer service and warranty issue.


#7: Post by rwang »

Could you post a video of it running? Perhaps the sound can help with the diagnosis. I've never heard of this problem but have had the niche get "stuck" on very light roasts that I've roasted myself. Either way, probably good to record a video and send to niche, their customer service is excellent.

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#8: Post by cafeIKE »

The sweep should readily slide off the spindle.

Without using undue force, try to get it off and see if there is damage to the spindle or the sweep.

One issue to be aware of is tightening the center bolt. Use the end of a toothbrush or similar to immobilize the burrs. There's no need to jam it or use a great deal of torque on the bolt, but it must be snug.
The first time I cleaned mine about 3 years back, I didn't lock the burrs and the bolt backed out after a few shots.

Forget the video... :roll:

martinlhoff (original poster)

#9: Post by martinlhoff (original poster) »

Here's a video.
With a small tool i managed to get the blade / sweep out. But the rod is offset from the center vs the casing, so it won't go back in.


#10: Post by N714 »

That is weird, It looks like manufacturing issue. Niche should support you on that