Niche Zero & Mahlkonig X54 & Orphan Espresso Pharos

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Ok friends,

Just thinking out loud as I've already purchased my new X54. It's arriving today. For the Cyber Monday price of 675 shipped i couldn't pass it up.

I have a Niche, i use it 1-2 times a day for the last 2 years. I recently picked an Orphan Espresso Pharos locally for cheap as well. I use the Niche exclusively for espresso, the Pharos for pour over. These are basically the two types I drink daily.

I work as a barista and have grown happy to having the convenience of a larger grinder with a hopper. That and the timed shots, the abilities to directly grind into the portafilter, and changing to something with a flat burr has gotten me on the X54 ride. AND its COOL haha.

But basically, am I in the overkill mode by adding the X54 to the mix? I dont tend to swap beans until its time to get new beans. So i dont see it being super annoying to have to empty the hopper or feel wasteful. I love the niche but sometimes between, the single dose, the cup, etc (minor complaints i know haha) it seems like it might be nice to just put my filter and and push the button and go.

I'm also thinking maybe if i feel the counter is getting too crowded i could either unload the Niche or the Pharos and rely exclusively on the x54 for my pour over and what not.

'Anyways does anyone else own a niche and x54?


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Good deal on the X54! It's a lot pricier here in Canada.

What would mostly annoy me is the fact that with 1-2 espresso per day, you'll have to purge the X54 pretty much everytime you use it. It's not something you need to do nearly as often in a coffee shop. Again, that's my own opinion, hence why I own 2 single dosing grinders. No more hoppers for me.

On the other hand, you now got a flat burr grinder along with two commercial size conical burr sets. You may very well end up liking the profile of one vs the others. You can also swap the stock X54 burrs for the Forte steel burrs which have a very good reputation for lighter roasts, filter and espresso.

Pretty sure you'll quickly figure out which ones you prefer in terms on workflow and profile.

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if you end up liking the X54 for espresso I'd sell the Niche *and* the Pharos (or keep the Pharos as cheap/manual back up grinder) and then get something dedicated to pour over.