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MCal2003 wrote:Off line apparently too long. Forgot the password & defunct email address. Not my first post, but technically yes.

A thanks to DaveC for his review and (forgotten) who posted the "warts and all" YTube video.

First single dose grinder ordered (scheduled for May shipping). Over the decades a ? make, Mazzer Mini, then Macap M7 user. Plus a shelf of classic old hand grinders. Machines are down to the two newest. '03 MCal and just purchased Flair 58. Discovered the Flair is requiring a finer grind than the Elektra. The worm drive adjustment on the Macap requires too many rotations is inconvenient even if not pulling side by side. Plus the wasted coffee to flush out the retention. My "excuse" for another grinder. If this grinder is as sweet as hoped for the Macap will join the Ponte Vecchio 2 lever in storage.

The question???? How many grams-kilos of beans did it take to season the burrs on the Niche Zero? I think it was BlackCat that noted 250gm or 1kilo or ?? Similar experiences?
You will love the Niche. It does well right out of the box. It became more consistent after around 2 kilos or so with me. But no need to season it. Just use it. For espresso in my hands with my Lelit Elizabeth I started with a grind of around mark 22 on the dial, which has now settled to around 16-17 depending on the coffee. Your mileage may vary...


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So far, after a few days of use. Happy with the grinder. The ease to adjust grind level when switching between the Flair 58 and MCal is a big plus. With the current origin, roast level, RH it's 6 indicator points. Beats cranking the worm gear on the old Macap M7 multiple cranks. Plus the sacrificial waste to flush was a waste of coffee. NZ, while not zero retention is so minimal. When it comes down to grind quality and taste. Toss up between the two grinders. Once the burrs are seasoned the comparison will be interesting. NZ just makes life easier. Wastes less coffee. Will like the NZ even more if the probably significant increase in price of greens occurs.

Quick look at the owner's manual. I think it noted 10kg to season the burrs.
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Well, I'm surprised someone hasn't posted this already: