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See post #2914 and post #2921.
I certainly wouldn't recommend teflon tape as I stated in post #2903.
I also wouldn't "slather" it up with grease. A thin coating on the leading threads should do. The grease will distribute evenly and not excessively as the collar is screwed on.
The grease I recommended in post #2915 has a wax-like consistency that will resist any effort to slather or goop.


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Yes, for my situation Niche recommended grease and I will use as you suggest.

I can see why Niche would not recommend grease to solve the other posters situation.


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Why is that?


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I'd think that you would need a lot more than just grease if there is a lot of play and drift with the collar.

But, luckily that's not my problem and hope the other poster finds a solution.


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Would anyone know the color code of the white Niche? Was planning to paint my silver Linea mini to the same color :)


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Just wanted to report back that I had success using the food grade silicone grease to smooth out the rough turning collar. As recommended by Niche, just a little to both threads.


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Been meaning to do that on mine. Never had an issue really but never hurts :)
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jfjj wrote:never hurts
If it ain't broke, don't fix it


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Off line apparently too long. Forgot the password & defunct email address. Not my first post, but technically yes.

A thanks to DaveC for his review and (forgotten) who posted the "warts and all" YTube video.

First single dose grinder ordered (scheduled for May shipping). Over the decades a ? make, Mazzer Mini, then Macap M7 user. Plus a shelf of classic old hand grinders. Machines are down to the two newest. '03 MCal and just purchased Flair 58. Discovered the Flair is requiring a finer grind than the Elektra. The worm drive adjustment on the Macap requires too many rotations is inconvenient even if not pulling side by side. Plus the wasted coffee to flush out the retention. My "excuse" for another grinder. If this grinder is as sweet as hoped for the Macap will join the Ponte Vecchio 2 lever in storage.

The question???? How many grams-kilos of beans did it take to season the burrs on the Niche Zero? I think it was BlackCat that noted 250gm or 1kilo or ?? Similar experiences?

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Has anyone had their Niche painted a different color/finish?